The world is celebrating International Men’s day and as we raise our glasses and cheer for these amazing beings, we have listed down various Instagram and Twitter accounts that promote Positive Masculinity.

‘Boys don’t cry’, ‘Men will be men’, ‘Mard ko dard nahi hota‘, ‘Mard bann, yeh kya ladkiyo jaisa ro raha hai?‘. Life of a man may seem easy and less complicated than a woman’s, but the fact is they have their own challenges. They are often faced with the pressure of living up to the world’s expectations and have hence become prey to toxic masculinity. But, that’s slowly changing too thanks to a lot of people coming together and promoting Positive Masculinity online and IRL.

Masculinity can be defined as every characteristic that is attributed to a man. And when these are forced upon men, creating an environment where they have to live up to the cultural norms that place them within these characteristics so that they can be termed as manly enough, this is called toxic masculinity. Men have been prey to it for ages, and now it’s time we spread positive masculinity. It is not rejecting strength but cultivating them while letting men embrace their emotions. Because it is okay to cry, to not always be strong, to ask for help. There are a number of accounts on Instagram and Twitter that promote positive masculinity, and we certainly can’t get over them.

Check out, love and share these accounts promoting positive masculinity (because the world could do with a little more positivity):


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Let’s talk about 〰️ toxic masculinity 〰️ Toxic masculinity or hegemonic masculinity is defined as the practice that legitimizes powerful men’s dominant position in society and justifies dominant social roles over women and other gender identities. Examples of toxic masculinity are everywhere in society — from telling boys not to cry to rewarding men for being big, strong, and aggressive. This insidious cultural phenomenon can also rear its head in the bedroom — from issues ranging from consent to lack of empathy. At Ohnut, we’re trying to help shine a light on the ways in which cis men can help their partners have a better experience in the bedroom. We believe men are just as complex, loving, and sensitive as women — they’ve just been raised and conditioned to exhibit those emotions differently. Bridging the gap between genders is something inherent to our work at Ohnut, and we hope this product goes beyond the physical and helps partners connect deeper emotionally and mentally by shared experience and understanding. ? #abolishtoxicmasculinity ? @mrfodder

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Mankind Project


A Call To Men


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@outmagazine x @theeverymanproject . link in bio . . Our mission with The EveryMAN project has always been to showcase a wide spectrum of masculinity and body types. With this shoot, our goal was to highlight men of trans experience of various body types & backgrounds which will hopefully spark a much needed discussion about the visibility of men of trans experience in media. In line with EveryMAN’s mission of self love & self acceptance  our theme & inspiration for this campaign was Gods & Royalty. Through visual story telling our goal is to encourage men of all experiences to view themselves as royalty and channel their inner highest selves. . Special thanks to @raquel_willis for such an amazing write up . . model @sirknight_ of @blacktranstv . Look provided by @asos @mdiggsnyc @nosessola Jewelry @moeretroaesthetic . Team Lead Production @marknglin @giorgioalxndr Production Assistants @lamar_brandon @brownwonder Styling @justchristopher86 . . Studio & Set Design @monaliza.studios . #theeverymanproject #fashionpr #effyourbeautystandards #transvisibility #royalty #unity #inclusionmatters #transisbeautiful

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Happy International Men’s Day to all the men who make our lives better!