Potluck on Sony LIV is a feel-good take on desi modern families

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Potluck on Sony LIV not only serves food but also serves some feel-good vibes through its depiction of an honest modern desi family's drama.

The year of the pandemic has been difficult for us all since it came with challenges that we had to brave through. But one of the scariest things some of us had to do was living again with our parents. Living with parents when we're still young has its own set of trials and tribulations but when you're a grown-up who lives away from home, going back to living with your parents is extremely hard. Potluck on Sony LIV is roughly based on these trial and error methods of living with your parents when you're not a teenager anymore. And how this untimely family reunion brings back the feeling of togetherness and understanding!

This series has eight episodes spanning half an hour each and goes on to show the Shashtri family and a whole lot of potlucks. The production of the series is so good and it's filled with ideas on how to set up your room with your personality going hand in hand with the accessories. While there is a lot to learn about different kinds of cutlery, it also highlights the pointless and useless troubles that desi modern families go through every day. Govind Shastri is a happy-go-lucky retired businessman who lives with his wife, Pramila Shashtri. This free time makes him feel guilty about not spending enough time with his kids. On giving serious thought to "A family that eats together, stays together", he fakes a heart stroke and starts this series of potlucks.

But do his children, Vikrant, Prerna, and Dhruv approve of this move by their father? Well, they're completely oblivious about this, and hence a series of comedy of confusions with many potlucks begins. Each of the three kids Vikrant, Prerna, Dhruv, are grown-ups and have their own lives and the troubles that come with them. While each episode picks up mindless and quite lame troubles that take place between the characters, it's terribly relatable. On the surface, the series is not too deep-dwelling into dramas just like in life. It gives you a feel-good vibe with motivational quotes sometimes. It touches on work-life balance of 'Bhaus' and 'Wives', financial troubles, a single writer who is often misunderstood, a father who just wants family time, mother-daughters, father-sons, and a whole lot of food.


When this family of different backgrounds and societal differences comes together, the underlying interpersonal dynamics lead to a comedy of confusion. Neither does it dwell too much into an emotional drama nor is it plain or boring. Potluck found a good entertainment-life balance in its entirety of run time. While the series makes you feel good, laugh a little, and is relatable, it's unfortunately not that memorable. It doesn't stay with you after it's finished. But maybe that's just like every desi modern family's nook jhooks. In all, Potluck is a celebration of togetherness, understanding, and what it feels like to be a family.

A Triplecom Media, Loose Cannons Content Studio & Vial Content presentation, Potluck is produced by Kunal Das Gupta, Pavneet Gakhal, Gaurav Lulla, Vivek Gupta. Directed by Rajshree Ojha, and is written by Ashwin Lakshmi Narayan, Bharat Misra, Gaurav Lulla. The show features Jatin Sial, Kitu Gidwani, Shikha Talsania, Cyrus Sahukar, Ira Dubey, Harman Singha, Saloni Khanna, and Siddhant Karnick in prominent roles.

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