Powerful courtroom scenes from movies and shows that did complete justice

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Check out this list of iconic and powerful courtroom scenes from across movies and shows that made the stories better.

In all the little life we have, we don’t always get to experience everything. There are things and situations that have been presented to us by movies. Movies have painted a picture for a lot of things giving us a mild expectation of what it might look like in RL. Watching a spy catch a criminal, seeing someone perform surgery in the middle of the road or various courtroom scenes are some of them. Although we know these situations have been dramatized for the purpose of entertainment we enjoy and sometimes deem them to be real.

Many of us may never have visited an actual court but we know and expect it to be some way. Seeing how a court function on screen as compared to reality has to be one of the classic examples of the false imagery that various movies have developed over the years. There have been a bunch of powerful courtroom scenes from across cinema that was able to leave a mark on us and also made us have faith in the justice system. And these courtroom scenes are powerful enough to become classic and iconic. We all know that we cannot have a courtroom discussion without yelling ‘Tarik pe Tarik.’ Not doing it is somewhat like committing a crime that the IPC may not approve of.

Take a look:



Just Mercy

A Few Good Men

Scent Of A Woman

The Devil's Advocate


Good Will Hunting



The Social Network

When They See Us

Jolly LLB

The Untouchables

Kramer vs. Kramer

The Judge

Your Honor


And Justice For All




No One Killed Jessica


Dekh Tamasha Dekh

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