Check out how Twitter shared their support for a girl who tried convincing her parents to get a pet cat with a PowerPoint presentation.

There are a bunch of us who wants to have their own pet but can’t because our parents won’t allow it. The constant, “Why do we need a pet when we have you?” rejection needs to stop and we need a new strategy to convince them. Looks like we have found one, thanks to a Canadian girl we now know a way to get things done.

A girl from Canada went on in and made a PowerPoint presentation to convince her parents for a pet cat. Her full-fledged presentation explains why she should have a cat. One of the slides also read, “You wouldn’t have to listen to me ask for a cat again” which makes for a valid reason. Her father shared the same on his Twitter and now the girl has all of Twitter on her back.

The tweet instantly became a hit among the netizens’ and has gone viral. People shared their support for her from across the world. The tweet also caught the attention of Microsoft and the company tweeted, “A very compelling presentation! She has us convinced (sic).”

Check out Twitter reactions:

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