Find out why Digital Creator Prajakta Koli almost missed her Mismatched audition

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Digital Creator Prajakta Koli

Digital Creator Prajakta Koli almost missed out on her audition for Mismatched. Read on to find out why!

Who doesn’t recognize Prajakta Koli? The YouTuber and bonafide youth icon, more commonly known as MostlySane, has given us some awesome, relatable and funny content over the years. With millions of followers, she has garnered love and attention and has tickled our funny bones almost every single day. But now it’s now time we see her in an entirely different avatar aka as Dimple in Netflix India’s original series, Mismatched. Though a social media star, Prajakta auditioned for the role of Dimple, along with many other aspirants, and went on to land the nerdy, geeky, ambitious character, starring alongside Rohit Saraf. But she almost missed being Dimple and you're about to find out why!

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But did you know that Prajakta almost did not audition for the role? Recalling her audition, Prajakta said, My audition is such a story because I was supposed to be on a flight to Tokyo the same time that my audition for the series was going to be. And then Tokyo was hit by a typhoon and my flight got delayed by four hours. So, I then went for the audition directly from the airport, without having done my hair or makeup, still, in the clothes I travelled in, which was a sweatshirt and sweatpants. I was wearing my glasses and I literally just dashed into the audition room, gave the audition, dashed back because I had to go to the airport to catch my flight, with zero expectations.”  

Check out the Mismatched trailer starring Prajakta Koli here:

Aren’t we glad she made it! Watch this new avatar of the Prajakta we all know and love in Netflix’s series. 'Mismatched' is now streaming on Netflix.

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