Content creator, Prakhar Gupta talks to us about his first-ever book ‘Don’t Shut Up: How to Talk So the World Listens’.

There are a bundle of creators that we can find online, each creating content that can be of some value to their audience. It can either be about entertaining and help them kill their boredom or giving them the right motivation to go meet their goals through their own life experiences. And content creator Prakhar Gupta is one of them. A YouTuber, who, through his pravachans and talks, tries to shed light on the small insights of life and how one can function despite all the barriers that they have to face, Prakhar has been a fan favorite all along. He entered a new milestone in his life as he released his own book titled ‘Don’t Shut Up: How to Talk So the World Listens’ and made a new record in his life.

Prakhar is a CA dropout, Columbia University scholar, and podcaster. He’s known for his content that sees him discuss complex topics like psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, and other sciences and how they add value in our everyday lives. After speaking at Ted Talks and sharing his insights on his channel, he finally released his first book. A self-proclaimed ‘scandalous author,’ Prakhar thinks he’s writing to be something that would get him into trouble. Spilling facts and talking about the truth without the fear of offending people on the internet is one trait that he considers a part of his personality that his audience may or may not love. His book Don’t Shut Up is all about how people can deal with their everyday situations. He shares his guides and ways to face each life event with tips from his own experiences. The book was self-published by him and each chapter is as unique as it can get. From how one can make friends in college to how one can convey a disagreement in the grownups zone, the book has life lessons that we all need. ‘Don’t Shut Up: How to Talk so the World Listens’ sells 2K copies in under 90 mins of its release and Prakhar Gupta talks to us about it.

Here’s what he had to share!

How does it feel to have released your book?

It feels pretty good. Always wanted to write. Although I’d like to write more serious stuff, at least serious in the way that it makes me think harder. I’d like to tackle more adventurous philosophical problems and phenomena. Conversation and communication is a good starting point. I feel at home here. This is wisdom is earned and it is very fundamental to my present success, so I very much liked writing and distributing it . However, I’m already looking at the next one.

You mentioned that you always call yourself a ‘scandalous author.’ Why do you say that and what according to you makes an author scandalous?

I write scandalous stuff because I am provocative. It may not have appeared to everyone yet and I do not see that as my defining trait. However, knowing myself, I use these adjectives preemptively. It is my way of cushioning the impact. Maybe one way of answering that question is that I know with a strong statistical likelihood that I will land in trouble for what I write and say, so might as well begin preparing people for it.

What was the motivation behind writing ‘Don’t Shut Up’?

India has the world’s largest population if you look at only people below 35 or so. 65% of the people. of India are under 35. That’s roughly 1 billion people. And these 1 billion free folk are reminded every day in classrooms, offices, on roadsides and inside the privacy of their own home to Shut the F up. I wish to provoke the opposite. Don’t shut up. Figure it out. Make enough noise until its clear. Don’t brush it away, don’t sweep it under the rug; fight for it. Be persistent and be bold. I am reminding my readers that there is another way out of ‘it’, and that is through it.

The titles of each chapter are exciting enough to make us read it. Was it always the plan to have quirky titles?

No. I am surrounded by an extraordinary team. I write. They make it palatable. Which chapters we picked to write about came from Mudit, my co-author and brother figure. He is extremely wise and observant. How we titled them came from Asim, my co-founder. He is extremely in touch with the market, it seems.

Do you have a favorite chapter from the book that always works for you in real life?

How to ask someone out…HAHA

Tough conversation with parents is probably my favorite chapter. I think it’s titled something else in the book. That chapter, if understood properly, will set so many kids free.

What is your proud ‘Duck Duck Go’ moment, that you would like to share with us?

All my life is a series of embarrassing moments, stitched together by short instances of peace. I can’t think of a stand-out example, but you’ll see me re-maneuver a lot of slips in my content conversations too. It’s bound to happen. If you speak to a large enough set of people and your rate of embarrassment is 1% of your sentences, and you on average, say 20 sentences to a person, you will embarrass yourself a little bit in 1 out of 5 interactions you have. It is alright. In fact, I teach you how to manufacture charm out of a slip in that chapter.

What is your favorite kind of book to read?

Whatever I can finish in the length of a 14-hour direct from New York to New Delhi and vice versa. I approach consumption by asking myself, ‘what am I curious about?’ and begin reading from there.

Your top 5 five books and authors that you would recommend?

I think one should also include speakers in the list. Osho in Hindi is divine. Jordan Peterson. These two I throw off as basics. From there, it depends on which direction you want to go. People are a library. They each represent an idea or a set of ideas. They should be approached as such. The only book/authors one should be allowed to recommend without additional constraints are the books/authors/speakers that spark wonder. They make you want to learn. If you want to LEARN, you have to come in with a question and the recommendations flow from there.

What was your reaction to being sold out sooner than you expected?

You feel on top of the world for 3 days and then you gotta deal with the fact that you gotta sign 3000 copies and print them and ship them. I also get bored too quickly so I am already anticipating my next move.

Get your copy now here and check out how to deal with life.

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