Ketchup Talks: In conversation with the man who needs no introduction, Prateek Kuhad!

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Prateek Kuhad

Singer, songwriter, and indie music legend, Prateek Kuhad talks to us about creating music for Mismatched, Karwaan, and Little Things, his latest album 'The Way That Lovers Do' and so much more!

It's Saturday afternoon; you've finally found the time to decorate the living room with those fresh flowers and diyas you picked up on your way home, just in time for Diwali. 'Pause' is playing somewhere in the back without distracting you from the task at hand, but it's loud enough to make its presence felt deep in your soul. 'Tum Jab Pass' is playing on the radio on one of those long drives you go on with a best friend or anyone you enjoy some silence with and it leaves you feeling understood and comforted like a warm hug usually does! That's the deal with Prateek Kuhad; he leaves you feeling all your feelings. Listening to him makes me feel like the main character and that's not a feeling I'm used to feeling too often, tbh!

While interviewing him, I could finally understand how all of his songs feel like one mood that fits multiple occasions. He's calm and composed just like his songs! Born and brought up in Jaipur, Prateek Kuhad gave us deets about how he unwinds before a show, how much he enjoys being in a recording studio, being uncomfortable with receiving compliments and so much more in this fun and candid interview!

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Listen to his songs for some much-needed comfort regardless of the mood you're in!

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