Actor Pratham Sharma opens up about his life after Netflix's 'IRL- In Real Love'

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Actor Pratham Sharma opens up about his life after Netflix's 'IRL- In Real Love'

Actor, model, and theatre artist, Pratham Sharma spoke to us about his experience on the Netflix reality show 'IRL- In Real Love', his future plans, and more.

If you are an adult living in a metro, the thought, "Shall I stick to dating offline or shall I try dating online?" has occurred to you at least once in your life. Adulthood is hard, but choosing whom to date and how to date is harder. By representing this dilemma faced by many, Pratham Sharma, an actor, model and theatre artist, made many fans overnight. We recently saw him as a contestant in India's first-ever love reality show, Netflix's 'IRL - In Real Love'. Hosted by Rannvijay Singha and Gauahar Khan, the show made many curious and has been trending non-stop on Netflix. On this show, Pratham Sharma specifically impressed many with his authenticity. However, he also seems to be a reserved personality with a somewhat mysterious social media presence. Hence, we spoke to him to learn about his experience at IRL, his life behind the scenes, and his increasing fan following.

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Here's what we learned!

What was your experience like at Netflix's IRL?

Amazing and memorable! We had no phones and no contact with the world. It was just the 12 contestants living together. Under these circumstances, we felt more connected to one another and became close friends. There wasn’t a day when we felt bored. There was constant excitement as we used to look forward to what was about to happen next. We would get a surprise almost every day. So, it was fun!

Now that you have explored both virtual and real dating, which one do you prefer? Why?

Even while auditioning, I told the casting team that I believe I would prefer dating offline. But they would tell me that they think I will be better at dating online. I remember thinking "Why don’t I feel so?" Even though I arrived on the show as an online connection, which kind of proved their point, I still like offline connections better. I believe I am much more confident when I meet a person outside the virtual world. So, even though I came online, I made a connection offline in very little time. I guess this proves that I am better at dating offline.

How different is a reality TV show from theatre?

Both are obviously poles apart. Reality shows are meant to show the contestants' reality and their true identities. Sure, some people fake it sometimes but they can’t do it for long, because the camera never lies and it catches everything. In theatre, you are portraying some other character in the most realistic way possible. You have to convince the audience that the character portrayed by you is not you. Theatre requires you to act while reality shows require you to be your real self.

Hailing from Jaipur, what are the challenges you faced in the film industry in Mumbai?

There were many challenges. When I first came to Mumbai to act, I was clueless about how to start my journey. I got duped many times while flat hunting, auditioning, and with casting calls. I didn’t know how to reach out to casting people. I met with a lot of people who would ask for money to cast me in a role. Sometimes casting was even done for the wrong reasons. So, the initial 6 months were the most important. I gained a lot of knowledge about how things work here. It has been a journey. I gave so many auditions and was even rejected multiple times, but I believed that one day and one audition will change my life. With that belief, I kept going on. I kept improving my acting skills and kept moving forward. Now that I have bagged my debut on Netflix, I can say that it was all worth it.

Outside the show, are you still connected with Sifat? Have you two planned anything for your future?

Outside the show, I am connected with Sifat as a friend, the same way I am friends with most of the cast and crew of the show.

What does your life look like post-IRL?

My life post-IRL is pretty much the same. I am still following my routine and working on my craft. It’s just that now I have started trusting the process more. My belief in my work ethic has grown stronger. I am happier, in fact. Sometimes, whenever I log into Netflix and see myself on IRL, I feel like a child and I smile wide. It feels like a dream honestly. However, I know that I have to go a long way. So, I am going to keep hustling. There are many new opportunities coming my way. So, I am focusing on those. I feel grateful.

What professional plans or endeavours are you excited about?

I am excited about what the future holds for me. People are really liking the show and how I am as a person. I am getting good opportunities and offers. In fact, I will start shooting for a movie starting mid-May with Soham Rockstar Entertainment. So, things couldn’t have been better!

Is there any message you would like to give to your fans?

I would love to thank them all for showering so much love on me. I feel genuinely blessed and grateful. I would like to assure them that they saw the authentic me on IRL. But they will see me acting on screen soon. I am so excited for everyone to see me act and perform on camera because I love acting. I can’t wait!

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