Preity Zinta: The bubbly girl who ruled our screens in the 90s and early 2000s!

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Preity Zinta

While we no longer see Preity Zinta in movies she still manages to stay relevant as an actress who all of us are fond of!

It’s true! Preity Zinta is probably the only actress who isn’t really working in movies currently but is still so loved by many, simply because her filmography includes some of the most iconic movies in the history of Bollywood. Whenever ‘It’s the time to disco’ plays at a party, all of us channel our drunk Naina energy and get on the dance floor! She has also been a part of movies that became such a huge part of Indian pop culture such as Koi Mil Gaya, a movie people couldn't stop talking about when it initially came out or Dil Chahta Hai which is still so popular amongst the youth today for the songs, the iconic Goa trip or simply the beautiful story that people like to re-watch again and again. People loved her for her bubbly personality and joyful nature and most of the characters that she played were also like that - relatable. She had a dimple as deep as the ocean and it honestly gave her the most precious smile ever!

Along with blockbusters, she has also been a part of films that were way ahead of its time. Case in point, Kya Kehna which dealt with teenage pregnancy, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke where she played a surrogate for a couple who had trouble conceiving a child, and Salaam Nasamte which portrayed a live-in relationship. All of these are still considered taboo in India and she was a part of it at a time when we didn’t even dare speak about them. She’s also been a part of impactful patriotic movies like Lakshya and Soldier so it goes without saying that her movies stay relevant no matter what decade we’re in. 

After having a successful two decade long career, she decided to step into the world of cricket with her IPL team Kings XI Punjab. While she had already made her mark in Bollywood, she wanted to establish herself as a businesswoman and do well at that too. Today at the age of 48, she is one of the most adored actresses in Bollywood, a successful businesswoman and a cricket team owner and a beautiful mother of two!

Shahrukh was not wrong to sing ‘Pretty Woman’ for her in front of the whole neighbourhood because she truly is the prettiest ever! Happiest Birthday to the gorgeous Preity Zinta, who we’ll never get tired of watching on-screen!

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