Dear Zaara,

Thank you for teaching us that true love is not easy. And loving someone does not just include spending time with them, it is loving him to every bit, from his family, culture to the nation. Yes, it is ok loving someone from another caste or country. Love truly sees no boundary. You might not have a happy ending, but the hope that the fateful day will come in your life can keep you alive.

From being that young independent carefree girl singing “Hum toh bhai jaise hain waise rahenge” to that dutiful, responsible grand-daughter, who decides to take ashes of her grandmother across the border, in order to fulfil her last wish, you have shown us the strong side of every female.

Thanks for coming into our lives at the time when the relation between India and Pakistan was observed from the lens of hatred and enmity. You made us realise that “Jaisa desh hai mera, waisa hi desh hai tera”. You gave the true meaning of secularism.

And the reunion of a Pakistani girl with an Indian Officer was the moment we all endured.

Honestly, growing up you were the reason for a lot of us to believe in unconditional love, that can make Squadron Leader Veer Pratap Singh turn into Kaidi No. 786.

Zaara, thanks for representing every girl out there.

With Love,

All of Us!

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