10 queer content creators to follow to celebrate Pride all year round

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queer content creators to follow

Celebrate pride with the help of these 10 queer content creators who show us how authenticity, versatility and visibility for queer talent still exist in the creator economy.

The vibrant and vocal voices of LGBTQIA+ creators in the creator economy have been more influential and instrumental than ever. In the social media space that often subjects the queer community to hateful slurs and trolling, there still exists powerful voices from the community that rise to be a voice for the voiceless. Queer content creators continue to make a safe space on social media for those that are lost, and are simply looking for a space to exist peacefully and feel accepted. It has been a constant positive endeavor on their part to be loud and step out with assertion. Not only do they put out entertaining content for others they also advocate educating and inspiring their audiences. Whether it’s helpful insights, meaningful information, heartwarming one-minute reels, fashion, or raising the need for queer visibility and awareness, these creators outdo themselves to help make a significant impact. They are helping the Indian queer community grow as a whole and be visible to society without a doubt of shame. In this listicle, we bring you 10 queer content creators who are exponentially prominent in their respective fields making a significant difference and paving the way for the queer community to receive its rightful social standing.

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Here's a list of creators you should know about:

Bodhi Nasaree

Bodhisatya Ghosh aka bodhinasaree, is an Androgynous model who continues to share his boldness and confidence with all the others around him. His profile speaks about everything to do with representation and inclusion of the queer culture in society. Situated in West Bengal bodhi continues to work for LGBTQ+ rights with the motive for increased visibility and sensitisation of the queer community.

Vivek Ghosh 

Vivek Ghosh aka The Bearded Queen is a "face full of beard and a body full of confidence". Vivek embodies the term 'Men can be beautiful too' in the most apt way. Collaborating the best of beauty into his content, Vivek inspires his audience to continue owning their true self.

Indian Starboy Official 

Indian Starboy is a proud bold gay human. Being vocal with his journey from the beginning he makes his audience feel closely related and involved with parts of his life. He continues to share every small moment and milestone throughout his journey of growth and acceptance.

Alina Khan

Alina is a trans person, loud and bold with her story and fashion. Prominent in various roles that she has played in recent films, Alina continues to make a significant difference for the queer community with her existing voice in the industry. 

Sonal Giani

Sonal identifies as a bi-sexual individual. An LGBTQIA+ activist and a senior advisor on gender and inclusion at International Planned Parenthood Global and much more. Sonal's profile feels like a platform that gives voice to various others just like her out there. Her profile is the right space for insight and information on various topics like the need for gender diversity, sharing personal inspiring stories, and more. Sonal uses her profile to bring the social change the world needs in education about the need for right queer representation.


Sam Ali Ahmed

Sam represents so much art and excellence in cinematography through his profile, he continues to make a significant difference in the queer community standing out as a unique creative voice.

Lush Monsoon (Aishwarya Ayushmaan) 

Aishwarya who also goes by the name of lush Monsoon is a drag performer by night and a human rights lawyer by day. Aishwarya is a versatile artist and creator, identifying as transgender. Aishwarya was featured last year in a prime video queer-dominated series called "Rainbow Rishta" She also is a proud drag artist who carries herself boldly through her expression in creativity and boldness with her drag shows. Lush's profile exudes boldness and confidence that you need to own today.

Rie Raut

Rie Raut is a trans Dalit activist, who identifies as non-binary. Through her profile, Rie is often advocating the need to be rightly educated about supporting queer lives and speaking up for their rights. A profile that you must add to your following today

Beardwali (Amit Bittoo Dey)

Amit who also goes by the name Beardwali is an androgynous male model. Amit continues to break limits with the media's coverage of gender fluidity as an interior designer, photographer, filmmaker, and model. Amit gives many like him the confidence to own their true self.


Ritika is a queer artist, illustrator, media creator and researcher. Ritika's Instagram profile is a testament to queer-inclusive art and representation. Her various artwork and research interests revolve around intersections of disability, gender, and sexuality, focussing on neuroqueer, disabled rest, disabled pleasure, accessibility, and inclusiveness. Her profile is a space of inclusion and peaceful coexistence for many queer people out there who feel it hard to fit into society.

Let pride month this year be a time you expand your horizon on exploring new queer content creators! And if you have any more queer creators in mind, give them a shoutout in the comments section below.

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