Find out who is Priya Varrier and why is your News Feed full of her pictures!

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Priya Varrier

‘Tis the season of love, and thanks to social media, pretty much the entire nation stands infatuated and in love with Priya Varrier, an actress who thanks to a viral video clip from a Malayalam film has turned into an overnight nationwide sensation.

So the million dollar question that you too may have found yourself asking is, who is Priya Varrier, and why is her face all over your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds?

There is something about stolen glances, and wide, clumsy smiles that make teenage love one of the most captivating phenomenons ever, and this song from Oru Adaar Love, a Malayalam film captures it perfectly. A short snippet from the music video titled Manikya Malaraya Poovi, wherein Priya Varrier steals the limelight with her playful expressions has been going viral all over social media.

Users have found Priya Varrier and her smile difficult to resist, and with curiosity around her peaking significantly in the last 48 hours, her Instagram account is bursting at the seams, and her Twitter debut has already earned her close to 20K followers.

These are only the tangible, and trackable numbers about Priya Varrier, because the labyrinth that opens up when you type her name on social media platforms, is baffling.

The song, Manikya Malaraya Poovi is from the film Oru Adaar Love, directed by Omar Lulu and stars a string of newcomers, and by the looks of it, is based on the premise of young love.

Here’s Priya Prakash Varrier expressing her gratitude towards the millions of followers, admirers and fans that have showered her with love, affection and compliments.

So, of course, there have to be memes because when you look it at it in a certain way, everything on social media can be classified into two broad categories, Meme and Not Meme.

Here are just some of the memes that Priya Varrier has inspired, and if this trend continues, trust me, we’re going to have a lot more of those.

Phew. Had I practiced the eyebrow raising manouevre from The Rock a few more times in my childhood, I would definitely be called a weirdo because of obvious reasons.

I don't understand the song, the infatuation of the public but Priya Varrier is beautiful and she is definitely going to be selling something to you on TV in the next few months.

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