Priyanka Chopra’s AMA on Reddit Turns Out to Be a Big Dud

Vedant Borkar
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Priyanka Chopra’s AMA on Reddit Turns Out to Be a Big Dud

On Wednesday, Bollywood starlet and now an International pop star, Priyanka Chopra, decided to do an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit.

AMA is a great way to engage with people, there is always a sense of curiosity in the minds of people about celebrities, hence AMA sessions provide a great platform for candid conversations between celebrities and their fans.

However, things did not go too well for Priyanka Chopra during her AMA session.

Reddit is notorious for its users who are not always very welcoming and soft spoken. The session went haywire when users started asking some personal questions to Priyanka Chopra. Questions such as “what is the contribution of auto-tune to your singing career?”, “Why was a road in Mumbai named after your father?”.

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Questions were also asked whether she believes in cosmetic industry since she is a brand ambassador of a multinational cosmetic brand herself.

Priyanka Chopra’s not so ‘Exotic’ moment on Reddit

Many also questioned the fake foreign accent she carries while giving interviews to foreign press- all these questions very obviously went unanswered by her, expressing his rage over Priyanka Chopra’s silence over the questions asked. One Reddit user even commented whether "this was an Ask Me Anything session (AMA) or AMAWA (Ask Me Anything Won't Answer)". After a while, Reddit users gave up their patience and started commenting on the questions asked, the comments too, like the questions, were harsh.

Overall, the entire exercise seemed like a farce as she responded only to favorable questions and ignored the harsh ones. Had she responded to them in a graceful manner, it could have worked wonders for her personal brand. It isn't sure whether it was her decision to do an AMA or her agency's, but Reddit is ruthless that way and she should have been ready to face the responses that came her way.

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