Priyanka Chopra recently took to Twitter to share the memes doing rounds around her green and black polka dot ball-like costume.

A good meme lover knows that every OOTD can be turned into a potential viral meme. That’s exactly what happened when Priyanka Chopra wore an outfit with a slightly unusual silhouette. The actress also joined in on the fun and shared several fan-made memes on Twitter.

This meme trend started after she recently wore a giant puff dress in green and black polka dots. The memes involve showing her as a blowhorn, as a new ‘Pokemon’ named ‘Priyankemon’, and even as a parachute. In addition, Indian Team Captain Virat Kohli even seen playing with the Priyanka-shaped cricket ball on the field. One meme shows her as a firecracker while the other shows her as a variety of pufferfish.

Take a look at here at the memes that caught the eye of former Miss World and left her is splits.

While these are some of the memes shared by the actress herself, there are many that are doing rounds on social media. Here are some of the most quirky and fun ones along with hilarious reactions collated for you.

Priyanka’s outfits have many times been part of the meme culture. From her “MET Gala” looks to now this Halpern Orb dress. The best thing is that she herself laughs out the loudest in the spirit of comedy.

In the meantime, the actress is super busy with the shooting of films, TV series, release of her book, and launching her line of hair care products.

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