Take a look at how people shared their surprised reaction to the proposal during Ind-Aus match.

Among a thousand reasons that make singles cry, certain instances just hit the bullseye. The recent one being the ongoing India-Australian series. While the entire stadium was glued to the exciting match, it was one of the fans who stole the show. An Indian fan went down on his knees to propose to his Australian girlfriend for marriage. The camera, as usual, did not fail to capture this exciting and interesting moment during the Ind-Aus match, giving the crowd a reason to celebrate.

People decided to cheer for the couple up. Even the commentators could be heard saying, “Please say, yes!.” The players joined in too and congratulated the couple. Ever since the video became viral, people have been sharing their loving and funny reactions on the same.

Here’s how people reacted to the proposal the during Ind-Aus match:

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