A protestor at the NYC Stop Asian Hate Rally unknowingly asks Rihanna for her IG

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A protestor at the NYC Stop Asian Hate Rally unknowingly asks Rihanna for her IG

Rihanna even though unrecognizable was spotted in the NYC Stop Asian Hate Rally. A fellow protestor was surprised after he asked for her Instagram id.

In the wake of rising incidents of violence against Asian Americans, several citizens took to the streets to march for a Stop Asian Hate rally in NYC. While several celebrities have shown support online, singer Rihanna decided to join the on-ground rally in a rather unrecognizable look. The singer was spotted walking on NYC streets, holding a placard and shouting slogans.

With several other protestors around, Rihanna was approached by a fellow protestor for her Instagram account details so he could tag her and much to his amazement, it was none other than but Rihanna herself. The video showcases the singer giving the protestor her Instagram ID and him getting shocked. This video is now doing the rounds on social media and has gone viral. This was originally shared by the singer's assistant Tina Truong. Tina's Instagram account also shared other pictures and videos of Rihanna's participation in the rally.

The video showcases an exchange that happened between the fellow protestor and the pop singer. The man after looking closely at the Instagram handle provided by the singer quips in utter surprise, "That’s you?!”

It would have certainly been hard for anyone to recognize Rihanna, considering how the singer was dressed in a mask and shades along with a baseball cap.

Previously, celebrities such as Sandra Oh were there at the Stop Asian Hate rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania giving a powerful speech.

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