PUBG is likely to be banned after the government includes it along with 200 other apps to be placed under scrutiny for security and user privacy. People share their funny PUBG memes on the same.

Reports suggest that the Indian government could ban 200 other apps after putting a ban on 59 Chinese apps last month in June. About 275 apps will be scrutinized by the government for national security and user privacy violations. The government will likely ban the apps if they do not compile by the regulations.

The government had banned all the 59 Chinese apps stating that the activities of these apps were “prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, the security of the state and public order.” A new list of about 200 other apps has been made that would likely be banned if they are found to violate the rules. This list also includes PUBG, which is a popular mobile game that has a large user base in India. The fans of the game were rejoicing after it was kept away from being banned last month. Ever since the news broke, people have gone crazy and are sharing their funny PUBG memes on Twitter.

Take a look at these funny PUBG memes:

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