You may have heard sayings like, “Summer brings all things good” and “Summer is a state of mind” and many more like these. While the second one stands true for most of us, the first one… not so much. It may have been true when we were kids waiting to get out of the daily school routine. But as grown-up adults, the cons definitely weigh out the pros – especially if you take public transport every day. Yes, we’re going there, friends.

We’re all constantly hustling to get somewhere and while public transport may be the fastest way to do so, it certainly isn’t the most convenient or comfortable (or fragrant). And as they say, “If you can’t help it, laugh about it” – Okay, no one really says this, but you get the point. So, here are some gifs to get you laughing while you make it through another day of taking public transport.

1. When everyone’s just smushed up against you

  1. When someone tries to make small talk – How you seem on the outside.

    3. How you actually feel when someone talks to you.

  1. When auto wale bhaiyas say yes to everyone – everyone but you.

  1. We’ve all been here, haven’t we?
  1. Ah! That moment when the Gods of public transport decide that feeling your own soaked clothes isn’t enough.

  1. This one feels like the adult version of candy being taken out of a kids hand. And it hurts!

  1. When you do manage to find a seat – well, now you know what a lose-lose situation feels like.

  1. What a two-minute walk feels like.

  1. What you feel like doing all day, every day.

  1. When the fans go off and all hell breaks loose.

  1. When your friends make plans right across the city on your day off.

  1. Okay, this one may be pushing it a little but it does feel like that sometimes, no?

  1. If any of your dates ever say this – RUN.

  1. Just going to leave this little gem here.

  1. But thankfully, we have weekends to salvage our sanity! Right?!

Which one of these did you relate to the most?

P.S. – It’s okay to say, ‘All of them’, we get you.