10 queer high school dramas that gave me major FOMO!

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Whether it's having PDA moments with each other or making out on the beach while they hold hands, these queer high school dramas definitely made me jealous!

Whether it's having PDA moments or making out on the beach while they hold hands, these queer high school dramas definitely left me feeling jealous!

When I was younger, I thought love can always happen only between two cishets, but I didn't have any idea what a cishet was until I found out that I wasn't one. Thankfully, today I know that it doesn't matter what one identifies as or what's under their pants because love doesn't discriminate like some people do! Love, specifically in rom-coms and high school dramas, sometimes seems unrealistic and an idea we can only dream of. And high school dramas in general give me so much FOMO that I don't quite like my life IRL because of them. But being a queer person, queer high school dramas hit different, tbh.

Being queer and seeing other queer people in a happy relationship makes me activate my inner homophobia because seeing a queer couple in love makes me feel FOMO about not having a partner! Be it couples holding hands or making out at a gay bar, so many things that happen between a queer couple onscreen leaves me feeling jealous with no butterflies at this point. But I'm a sucker for a good ferris wheel scene like when Simon kisses Bram in Love, Simon, at the top of the ride!

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These movies and shows are a perfect example of thin line between FOMO and hope!

Heartstopper - Netflix

Who doesn't want a boyfriend who is still figuring out their sexuality who doesn't want to leave while being on the journey of self accepting? All the cute moments between Nick and Charlie lives rent free in my head and honestly I don't mind if it stayed a little longer! I love how Nick is literally boyfriend material.

Mismatched - Netflix

Finding out that they've added a queer character in Mismatched really gave me a boost in interest in the show. All the moments Namrata and Celine shared (excluding the Ayesha trama) within the show was a perfect way to show real queerness like I've experienced. From figuring out your sexuality or facing homophobia from your closed ones, this show was truly a new way of portraying queer love.

Love, Simon - Disney+ Hotstar

Love, Simon was basically THE movie that helped me come out and I am sure it helped a lot of people too. It helped me venture into different spectrums of being gay. Also not to forget the scene on the ferris wheel that literally had me hooked for days! Simon and Bram deserved the ending they got!

Class - Netflix

The Indian adaption of Elite might not be my favourite thing to watch, but wherever there's queer representation I stan and I make sure everyone does too! Finally watching queer representation on Indian OTT platforms makes me so happy but also jealous in a way like what did I not do right to be in queer high school drama!

Euphoria - HBO Max

Rue might not be the gay icon we deserve but she's definitely the gay icon we need. What Jules and she had is literally everything that the gays wanna have at this point! Even with the drug addiction, Jules didn't leave her side and that's what makes me wonder why I don't have this!

Until We Meet Again - Viki (Available in Thailand)

This might be too dramatic but even I want a reincarnation love story! The writing, the cast and the acting in this Thai BL drama is everything you'd want in a queer show! It's been two years since I watched it and I still can't get over all the flashback scenes in the show.

Never Have I Ever - Netflix

Devi is probably the most messed up character I might know of and as much as I relate to her, I wanna be her best friend so bad. Fabiola is literally one of the best queer characters in the history of queer television. She is hot, knows what she wants and is a little insecure but in the end, she's the new upcoming gay icon because no matter how insecure she was throughout the show, she found a way to come around and she delivered.

Young Royals - Netflix

An overdramatic but entertaining high school drama that took us through all the drama of teenage love, Young Royals is perfection when it comes to showing different phases of queer love. The contrast in Wilhelm and Simon's stories is so apt that it makes you feel like you're part of the show.

Prom - Netflix

What's a high school drama without a prom? That too a lesbian prom? I think all my money is on this one. The movie showed the struggles of coming out in school and to your family which I think is something that movies should focus on while narrating a queer story!

Being 17 - Prime Video (Available in Europe)

This movie is where my FOMO is maxed out. I'd give anything to be 17 again and be in love in the city of love i.e. Paris. Falling in love in a small town where everyone knows you is definitely on my bucket list this year!

Which of these moments gave you FOMO? Let us know in the comments below!

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