You must follow these amazing queer illustrators to learn how art can change the thoughts, perceptions and the world!

Challenging the age-old prejudices through art, these queer illustrators and activists are raising their voices and opinions through their artwork. The powerful expressive tool has the ability to reach millions and aptly convey the ideologies of the LGBTQ+ community and how they deserve love and acceptance.

The colourful representation symbolizes how the LGBTQ+ community takes pride in living life on their own terms and not hiding who they are. The illustrations stand for diversity and inclusivity of each and every member and how their lives also matter and their issues need to be addressed.

Check out the colourful art by skilful artists:

Amruta Patil

Veer Misra

Sam Kirk

Queer Habibi

Frances Cannon

Debasmita Das



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I’m trying to raise some money for big life things so I’m selling a bunch of old original watercolors made btw 2017 and 2018. They’re all signed! There’s also one 14×14 canvas I’m selling that’s signed too. All available in my shop via the link in my bio! Also if you have the capacity you can donate to me @ggggrimes on Venmo and $ggggrimes on cashapp. I don’t have PayPal! I’m also still selling shirts through everpress! Link in bio! ???????????? #art #artwork #illustration #drawing #painting #watercolorpainting #watercolor #watercolorart #watercolorartist #watercolors #arteza #canson #blackartist #queerartist #nonbinaryartist #peopleofcolor #nycart #nycartist #bronxartist #artistsoninstagram

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Cute Brute

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It’s funny how str8 sex “education”™️ seems to believe that only intercourse (specifically p-in-v) is “real” sex. By dismissing all other sex acts as “foreplay” (with the implication that it’s less important). Not only is that ideology completely wrong, it’s also diminishing the vast human potential for experiencing pleasure! I challenge you to examine what you count as sex, and see if you can add new experiences (try including sex acts that don’t even involve genitals). You’ll find the more open you are to other sensations, the more satisfied you can be! If you’re struggling to incorporate a broader variety of sexual activities into your life and don’t know where to start, call me! We can chat about new ideas that feel right for you ? I’m available for peer-support sessions if you want to chat about polyam/ENM, queerness, sex, love, relationships. You can schedule on my website. Link in bio ❤️??❤️?? #sexpositive #sexology #queerart #polyamorous #pride #feminist #feminism #loveyourself #love #relationship #couple #respect #lgbtq #sexuality #sexeducation #queerlove #art #artist #polyam #enm #nonmonogamy #queer #queerartist #gay #wlw #lesbian #sapphic #cauliflowerhour #shrimpteeth

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Priyanka Paul

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I have cuts on my lee cooper denims And rips in my finger tips From tearing up packets of medicines The metal slices my finger often I’m not very careful Or I don’t attach too much to Cuts or blood Just a slight shudder The skin’ll grow back The post office isn’t too long a walk As I walk through the hustle and bustle Sticking letter stamps on my wounds I send you 5 bandages in an envelope every week Some bloody, some not In the death of the night, my room mate watches porn too violent With bodies treated callously Like strewn dominoes It’s odd I’m too scared to slip down my slit fingers I specifically buy roses without thorns to put in the vase next to my work table It’s strew with scissors and paper and blades And hardened glue The kind that can’t stick anything anymore Somedays when I turn on the radio I turn it to the news radio They play public service announcements A woman in a nasal tone once announced Many finger cuts might cause you to lose feeling in your hands That explains it Loss On many days The letters I posted to you come back So I start addressing them to myself “Dear P, show mercy if not kindness.” And once, you did write back. With my bandages, glued and hardened The kind of glue that can’t stick anything. For the kind of wounds you left . . . ? going through a phase where my brain doesn’t feel right, so here’s some old poetry? #poetry #illustration #draw #heartbreak #wounds #bandage #hurt #love #forgiveness #digitalart #quicksketch

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Wednesday Holmes

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Resharing this post I made with @voices4ldn follow us to keep updated with actions! Theres alot being planned for MH awareness week. ?️‍? . . Image description [Image 1 description: a white background with a pink shape. The slide says demystifying queerphobic with Voices 4 London. There is a pink bubble around demystifying queerphobia with queerphobia written in rainbow colours. Lips with a speech bubble saying words matter is on the right with flowers and the word stop with a "not allowed" red circle and line sign over the top.  There are other flowers with faces, leaves and exclamation points. Image 2 description: The first image has a pink background. Text in black bubble writing reads: being queerphobic is not an identity. It's a collective of behaviours which reinforce the oppression of queer people. No one is immune from reinforcing it. On the surface some queerphobic might seem like a joke or a harmless conversation. In reality, it is very harmful behaviour which obstructs the healing of the queer community. An illustration is on the right side. At the top of the illustration is a mouth with red lips with a cream colourwd speech bubble saying words have power in pink. The word stop is written underneath. A red circle with a line through it is over the word. A yellow jaged shape with an exclamation point is beside that with a green stem with leaves making the shape look like a flower. Below is a blue bald person with their hands up by their face in an orange top with pink, purple, green and yellow swirls behind them. A pink triangle is between the person and the flower/shape. Green, yellow, pink and blue swirly lines are coming out of the person and lead to a pink hand with the same red circle with a line through it on the palm. There are flowers on either side of the hand- one yellow petals and one purple. The Voices 4 London logo is beneath. An upturned pink triangle on the left has rainbow stripes making a rhombus type shape with the words Voices 4 London beneath. Image 3 description: black text in a yellow bubble reading there are two types of queerphobia. A flow chart design sees one line lead to people being queerphobic proudly with a pink……

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Anwesh Sahoo

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I'm on @vogueindia! ♥️ My gay ass still can't believe Vogue has listed me as one of the 5 Queer Indian influencers you must follow on Instagram. This is all the more special because my art account @the.effeminare gets a feature alongside some of the most ICONIC queer Indians including @artwhoring whose work I especially admire and have been followings for ages. I'm grateful for each one of you who has followed me through this journey, The Effeminare is a result of hours of hardwork, grit and patience and this little validation definitely gives me so much hope for the future. ♥️ #theEffeminare #brownisbeautiful #femmeisbeautiful . . . . . . . . . #gayindia #queerindia #lgbtqindia

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This is Monika Diamond. She was shot to death in Charlotte, North Carolina while being treated in an ambulance for shortness of breath with the presence of paramedics and police. Aside from being a female business owner, she was an advocate for her community and helped to create safe spaces for lgbtq people in the state of North Carolina, which does not protect the trans and gender non-conforming community under its hate crimes legislation. Her murderer was arrested on the spot and charged, but this is not the case for the many attacks on the trans community. They often, tragically, don’t end in arrests or end up going cold for years. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, the higher rates of injustices and crimes against the black trans community are not being recognized enough. I, myself, have noticed that there are many people who are sharing and pushing the Black Lives Matter Movement, but who refuse to acknowledge the black lgbtq community as part of the black lives that matter. It is 2020, and I am sick to my stomach knowing that there is still so much homophobic and transphobic behavior, visible and invisible, when we are all human beings and we all have the right towards equality and justice. Monika passed in March and has since become the fourth out of twelve known violent deaths related to the trans/gender non-conforming community this year alone. She was only 34.

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Parth Pawar

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My name is Parth, I'm a Pansexual Genderfluid person. My art is about gender fluidity. Genderfluid people often express a desire to remain flexible about their gender identity rather than committing to a specific gender. Also, gender expression shifts between masculine and feminine or visa versa. Genderfluidity is moving from male to female over time and mood, and feeling that both gender identities make up who you are as a person. In this piece of art I'm trying to show that genderfluid people are valid and bodies does not define anyone's gender. And it's okay to wear whatever you want. #genderfluid #nonbinary #toxicmasculinity #genderequality #lgbtqai #lgbtqart #beargay #loveislove #equality #feminism #rainbow #artslut #illustration #genderfluidpride #peopleinbra #bodypositive #bodypositivity #queerartist #queer

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