It must’ve started off the same way for you all just the way it started off with me. By teaching your parents how to switch on the PC and teaching them the basics of it. Then your parents came to know that you spent a hell lot of time on social networking sites and BOOM! You were probably asked to make a Facebook a/c for them and voila! Began the stalking and endless parade of what and how-to questions.

Let’s take a look at some of the questions we definitely must’ve encountered while solving the issues of our not-so-tech-savvy dad’s and mom’s.

1 – Can  I use Facebook when I don’t have Internet?

Your parents are getting the hang of Facebook-ing even though they might have not grasped the concept of how the Internet works. NOW you have to explain to them why the Internet went down (like you aint pondering that for yourself). So the Internet went down for 20 minutes and you’re having a hard time coping with life along with having to explain WHY Facebook won’t work without internet. Hectic, right?  A simple NO might end their query but if you wish to go into the details of it, God help you.


2 – Why haven’t you poked me back?

So your Mom found out about Facebook’s poke feature. GREAT! Now she won’t stop pestering you unless you take part in this poke war. Something on the lines of “You’re on Facebook the whole day and you cant poke me back?” You used to poke random strangers on Facebook to get their attention, but your Mom poking you even though y’all in the same room? You get the feeling right?


3 – Can I chat with Johnny Depp?

Initially when my mom joined Facebook she went on a page liking spree. She ACTUALLY hit me with this after she liked all his fan pages. “So when does Johnny come online?” Ok which female wouldn’t fancy a chat with ‘ol Captain Jack Sparrow? She kind of felt let down as if “Sheesh, I joined Facebook for nothing” when I had to break it to her that she can’t chat with Depp or DiCaprio  for that matter.


4 – When are you going to accept my friend request?

So your Dad or Mom managed to create an a/c on Facebook and surprised you with a friend request. You stared at it for a few seconds and thought to yourself “Dammit! Shouldn’t have taught them to use the Internet!” You decide to ignore it, thinking your Dad wouldn’t notice. But he won’t stop unless his daughter accepts the request and tags him as “Father” on her relationship info page. It’s basically a shout out for all those neighborhood guys to stay away from his daughter.


5 – Why haven’t you replied  to my comment ?

Your Throwback Thursday baby picture definitely got a 100 likes plus cute comments from your girlfriends and ofcourse from the one who brought you into this word. With a comment like “My baby looked chooo cuteee mwahh <3” she would expect you to comment back something sweet.  She will religiously follow up to the notifications on that picture and if you dint say “Thanks”, well then you had this question coming.


6 – Why aren’t your friends accepting my friend request?

Your friends are my friend’s is the motto people. Yes, your parents have already added you and they think it’s JUST right that they add all your friends on Facebook. Little do they know you’ve asked your friends to ignore the request. You wouldn’t want them to see those house party photos when you clearly told them you were going to your bud’s place to complete an assignment now, do you?


7 – How can I send you a friend request on Twitter?

Another shocker for you! Your parents are probably bored of Facebook and decide to venture further into the world of Tweets. And obviously You have to be the first person they shall connect with. That’s the rule.

8 – Who is this boy/girl who keeps commenting on all your photos?

Aah Yes! The all important question you’ve been dreading ever since you added your dad/mom to your friend list. All your friends have noticed who you’re dating and now your parents have taken notice too, courtesy of those lovey dovey comments your significant other leaves on your DP.

This question is the gateway to a set of other questions like “Where did you two meet?”  “Can she cook?” “Does he have a job?” “Do you love him?” “When can we meet her?” “Why does she have a tattoo? And off course “Why isn’t she/he accepting my friend request?”


9 – Why do you keep changing  the interface?

Facebook and Twitter keeps updating their design interface much to the annoyance of everyone. But, hey our parents think since the Facebook is on our PC, our son/daughter must’ve meddled with it because let’s admit it we are all a bunch of creative and tech genius gurus.

10 – What is my facebook password?

So your parents came back from on a holiday and now they cant access their Facebook a/c. You, being the master of the universe should definitely remember your parent’s password, correct? The annoying part of this question is not the fact that they can’t remember their own password, but the fact that YOU have to come up with a solution or else you’re seen as a incapable, good for nothing chap. YOU JUST CANNOT WIN.