The Game of Thrones saga is all set to have the cold bloody end we were promised. How did we get here? Here’s a quick recap.

The North remembers, do you? A tale as bloody and complicated as the Game of Thrones is bound to leave you confused, struggling to remember the details that bind it all together. Though nothing we put forth would entirely encapsulate this journey, we have tried to piece together a quick recap, with a dash of humour. Hope you will enjoy it!

There was once a happy Northern family.

Royals came along and ruined everything.

The Southerners were a troubled lot.

As they drank,

And drank,

And drank,

Another queen was making her way through.

Aye, she suffered.

But she had dragons!

Everyone’s obsessed with fire in this tale.

The winters too are romanticised to the hilt.

Though when they meet, it’s definite magic!

Friends and foes are plenty in this tale.

Some who stay true against all odds.

Some that are tough to comprehend.

People are bought and sold and used.

Brutalised at the hands of their kin.

Death is the ultimate end for most.

Albeit, not for all.

They all fight. A lot.

No matter what place, occasion or time.

The fights bring along unspeakable horrors.

Milestones come aplenty too, so do paths.

Compromises need to be made.

The liberty to make a choice is a myth.

A few lucky ones do get a chance though.

This game is not one for little kids.

Everyone loses a part of themselves.

Relationships are stretched and tested.

Cruelty is at play, a game they all love.

Some moments are heartbreaking.

Others give tremendous hope.

And, everyone loves to drink!


No one is spared.


Winter is here, along with love.

Stay tuned for the next chapter?

For the night is long and full of terrors.