Quora users shared things that happen only in India and now we can't unsee them!

Saloni Surti
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Quora users shared things that happen only in India and now we can't unsee them!

Because, it happens only in India..

If you know Quora, you also know that it is the shrine for weird, the holy grail of questions that are left unasked in the normal offline world. Sometimes interesting, most times things that you can’t unsee – Quora has just the right amount of creepy.

Recently, a tag ‘It happens only in India’ went viral on Quora, God knows why! Bermuda Triangle is explained but viral on Quora is not! Well, unsurprisingly, Indians had some very quirky answers of things that happen on in India. See for yourself.

1.) Legit. Very legit! 


Everything new needs a lot of good luck and blessings in India.

2.) Cause, a bus is so mainstream.


Cheap thrills guys..

3.) Cause we BELIEVE... 


The story is actually pretty interesting. So apparently the rider of this bike met a terrible accident and died. His body and the bike were recovered by the police, however, the next day the bike was found back at the accident spot. This kept happening they say, making it a miracle. The story of Om Banna!

4.) You still think India is poor? 


So, this building was constructed for a family of 5! They have a helipad for crying out loud.

5.) That shirt ought to be damn uncomfortable...


A shirt of Gold! Unfortunately the owner of this shirt was murdered. A bit too shiny.

6.) Life goes on man...



7.) Paisa, paisa, paisa, paisa...


Have it flaunt it, be it in weddings or funerals.

8.) We are not proud of this! 


A godman making a commercial movie. It has a song called Love Charger!

Check out the entire Quora thread here.

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