This Quora thread is exploding with stories and anecdotes of some of the weirdest sexual fetishes that you really shouldn’t read if you get squeamish or creeped out really easily.

Have you ever been sexually intimate with someone who had a slightly different idea of ‘arousal’, other than the standard ones you’ve known all your life? Or have you been the one with the weirdest sexual fetishes that by the way, are completely okay to have as long as everything is consensual.

Now role playing, and some bedroom trash talk are all wonderful ways of spicing things up but have you ever had a woman ask to punch you in the middle of sexual intercourse? Or perhaps a man asking you to pee on him in the shower! Well, apparently people have had such experiences.

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Oh boy! If that was repulsive for you, please return unto the safe place from where you’ve arrived here because these are the choicest and the weirdest sexual fetishes I’ve read about on Quora.

  1. That’s pretty standard and strangely common. (I have heard)

weirdest sexual fetishes

2. Ahh.. Golden Showers. Perhaps one of the few tastes Donald Trump and R. Kelly share but not completely. 

weirdest sexual fetishes

3. Howling lesbiansweirdest sexual fetishesweirdest sexual fetishes

4. Jinkies! 

weirdest sexual fetishes

5. Well that’s just violent and weird.weirdest sexual fetishes

6. Personal favouriteweirdest sexual fetishes

7. Uhhh…..weirdest sexual fetishes

8. Holy mother of God! We have a winner.weirdest sexual fetishes

Which ones did you find were the weirdest sexual fetishes, or have you heard something even more weird? Do let us know!