There is nothing as fabulous than us getting to relive some of the iconic quotes by Titus Andromedon. If you have made an effort and come here (you did one more thing today) check out the list and embrace the icon.

With all the craziness happening in the world, all we need is to get home and watch a good funny show to kick off all the stress. While we have a bunch of shows to watch and re-watch, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is definitely one of the best funny shows to be released in recent times. The show has its own share of funny and memorable moments and characters that we can’t help but say ‘Same TBH’ at. Among all these characters, Titus Andromedon is an icon who holds a special place in all our hearts. His level of funny is all we want in our lives along with all his laziness and his OTT wardrobe choices. He makes us want to expect and embrace all of his fabulousness even if he may not be living his best life. And we all envy to get to meet him (even though he himself didn’t get to) we have made a list of best quotes by Titus Andromedon that we can all relate to.

Take a look at these quotes by Titus Andromedon:

“I Envy You. I’ve Never Been Able To Meet Me”

“I’m Pretty But Tough, Like A Diamond Or Beef Jerky In A Ball Gown”

“But I Already Did Something Today!”

“Black, Gay, And Old? Oh, I’m Not Even Gonna Know Which Box To Check On The Hate Crime Form”

“I’ve Decided To Live As A Werewolf. It’s So Much Easier Than Being An African-American Male”

“Fine, I Will Take A Silent Face Journey As I Scroll Through This Comments Section”

“I’m Not Overreacting. I’m Doing What Any Reasonable Person Would Do In This Situation — I’m Lemonading”

“After The Movie, He Suggested Walking, Which Would Be Exciting If I Were A Baby Or A Mermaid, But I Am Neither”

“Numbers, The Most Boring Of All The Shapes”

“Go Away, Lillian. I’ve Decided To Live As A Bed From Now On”

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