R Madhavan thanks his fans for making Rocketry the 1st Indian film to reach a historical number of 10,000 NFTs claimed!

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VistaVerse partnered with Rocketry – The Nambi Effect to introduce some spectacular and desirable NFTs in the metaverse!

14th July 2022, Mumbai: You know a trend or a craze when you see one! The same can be said about Rocketry, starring R Madhavan, and the movie NFTs in partnership with VistaVerse. The global wave of introducing digital collectibles has enhanced engagement among people, be it filmmakers, celebrities, or viewers at large. Vistas Media Capital's own metaverse space, "VistaVerse," is no exception to this rule. This partnership resulted in creating history by becoming the first Indian film with 10, 000 NFTs claimed.

The launch of the movie NFTs on VistaVerse drew the interest of a number of celebrities, brands, musicians, gaming companies, artists, NFT enthusiasts, and production companies. The platform, a one-stop creation experience, offers a comprehensive yet exciting metaverse presence, which created a frenzy among users to own these unique collectibles. Rocketry drove conversations around the story of Nambi and the theme of scientific research extensively through NFTs. Viewers took an interest in the film and its related aspects which was seen by the flood of comments across the social media platforms of VistaVerse.

Abhayanand Singh, Group CEO, Vistas Media Capital said, Digital is the way to go. It has made the world a ‘glocal’ space and increased outreach for creators phenomenally. With VistaVerse, we aim to reach out to a larger set of audiences and spiral engagement levels on the metaverse and through NFTs. Associations with Rocketry came at the perfect time in sync with our objective. They have proven to be a feather in our cap.”

R Madhavan, Actor & Director said, "This film represents my labor of love and the team gave it their all to make my dream come true. I'm ecstatic that the long-awaited Nambi Narayanan movie is now being shown on a grand stage with fans getting an opportunity to participate in the web 3.0 environment for a personalised experience.” 

Are you excited to experience Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Vistaverse? Let us know in the comments below!

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