Salman Khan tweeted “Ruko .” and got 2k re-tweets and I can’t even get a favourite!

Saloni Surti
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Race 3's trailer

There are marketing gimmicks and then there is Salman Khan’s Twitter account. A personification of dhinchak hand-painted posters, Salman Khan’s Twitter feed is a rather weird build up for the release of Race 3’s trailer.

What began with a tweet that looked like Salman Khan typed out accidentally while slipping on a banana peel, very suddenly escalated to the promotion of Race 3’s trailer launch. You might think I am exaggerating and I really wished I was, but I am not.

Bhai shared the trailer of Race and everyone was like ok, nice (not bhai fans of course who re-tweeted it 1.8k times). He then went on to tweet and I quote “Aree re re” and “Ruko .” Goes without saying, both the tweets have over 2k re-tweets and then it began to shape up.

So yes, Race 3’s trailer will be released at 5.15 and we can expect some more oohs and aahs (literally) from Bhai and Bhai fans in the next few hours.

UPDATE: The trailer is hereeeeee

Just when you think you have seen everything on Twitter, Bhai begins to tweet. And if you’re thinking why this articles? Well, why should I suffer alone?

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