Radhika Bangia and her content speak about appreciating cultures and here’s how she made a space in our hearts and feeds with it.

From cuisine to fashion, everything about Korean culture has made a space in our hearts over time. And the Korean entertainment industry is responsible for this growing curiosity we have to understand more about it. Today, creators who don’t shy away from expressing their love for K-dramas and K-pop seem very relatable to us. They’re also the ones who open up opportunities for us to learn and appreciate the culture we know nothing about. One such creator is Radhika Bangia, who is famous for her Korean culture-inspired content. Whether it’s imitating K-drama scenes, recreating choreography, giving fashion inspiration, or even teaching us the basics of Korean society, her range is all about the culture of Korea.

It’s not just about making a particular culture popular but helping people learn to appreciate the beauty, and art of it, that might otherwise go unnoticed and that’s a responsibility that not everyone succeeds in. Radhika is good at transcending cultural and national borders with her content but that’s not all she has done. Apart from giving us this cultural ride, she has also appeared in a number of popular movies and shows like “Welcome Back”, “Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya”, “Lets Play”, “Irada”, “Gehraiyaan”, and “High Jack”. She has also collaborated with a number of international celebrities. Over time, she has earned an audience base that appreciates her content. Her videos show how she has managed to learn a new culture while sharing her own with the people of a whole new country.

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Check out how her content really takes us on a cultural ride!

Happy Birthday, Radhika!

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