8 songs by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan that define your every mood!

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8 songs by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan that define your every mood!

You want to feel happy in love but also sob in the corner? Rahat Fateh Ali Khan got you covered with his discography!

Somedays it feels like your mood is on a pendulum and it keeps on moving as your day passes. Your morning might start with energetic, confident and empowering songs but by afternoon you're in a bittersweet kinda mood and as you go on with your day, you get into a soothing peppy mood at night. While some days things just take way too much of our energy, sometimes we look up and the whole room's spinning and that's where Rahat Fateh Ali Khan comes in and lifts us to the moon with his songs that suit all moods!

Classic songs like Bol Na Halke Halke will defo put you in a good mood and after listening to that song you might just want to confess your love to someone special! Rahat sir's discography has multiple layers and he can also switch his musicality from confessing your love to going through the worst heartbreak ever and we know for a fact no one is complaining! We listed his best hits that will help you drowned in your own emotions!

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Check them out for a fun mood switch!

When love is in the air!

When you're looking for comfort in someone

When intezaar makes you fall in love even more!

When you just wanna cry over your fresh break-up

When you crave love and attention

When you reminisce your first love!

When you're confessing your true love!

When you want to self validate

Which one of these are your favs? Let us know in the comments below?

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