#HappyBirthday - Iconic Rahul Dravid memories, quotes and birthday wishes!

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Rahul Dravid memories

Few people evoke the kind of unanimous and unparalleled respect and admiration that Rahul Dravid does, not just among his fans and teammates, but anywhere in the world. The Wall of Indian Cricket turns 45 today, and Twitter couldn’t shrug off the nostalgia as they shared Rahul Dravid memories, and quotes about him.

One of my earliest Rahul Dravid memories was watching him play, thinking that he wasn’t explosive, flamboyant, or eager enough to try and hit the ball across the park, but it took many years to realize that what Rahul Dravid could do, no one else could. When every other Indian player was sent back to the pavillion, hope would still reside in the eyes of every Indian Cricket fan if Dravid was still at the crease.

Such was his resolve that no matter what, he never cracked under pressure. Even when provoked, Rahul Dravid has always let his bat do the talking, maintaining a level of dignity that not one Cricketer can match up to. For someone who grew up watching the greatest Indian batting lineup, I sure have a lot of Rahul Dravid memories that make me proud.

It isn’t just me, but many Twitter users were overcome with a pleasant feeling of nostalgia on having watched the Gentleman ply his trade in front of their eyes as users shared their favourite Rahul Dravid memories, quotes describing his greatness and statistics that prove his selfless service to the nation!

Dravid's teammates, other Twitter users and even the younger crop of the Indian Cricket Team shared their best wishes with the India U-19 Cricket Team Coach who is now mentoring the next generation of winners!

Check out what Sachin Tendulkar, VVS Laxman, Mohammad Kaif, Suresh Raina and more said about the true Gentleman of the gentleman's game.

Happy Birthday Rahul Dravid. You're an inspiration and the epitome of professionalism!

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