30 Things you can do to experience the true Rajasthan

Mrinil Mathur
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Amalgamation of unparalleled royalty, deliciously rich food, delightful experiences, beautiful locales and colourful festivals, Rajasthan is an amazing travel destination. Magnificent forts, cultural villages, sandy terrains and exceptional landscape, the state has a unique experience for each of its visitor.

Whenever a Rajasthan Trip is planned only things that are talked about or read over internet fall into the list, and there is so much that gets missed but is worth experiencing! Therefore of many things to do in Rajasthan, we are listing 30 experiences that only a Rajasthani can tell you :P, the ultimate guide to experiencing the true Rajasthan.

1. Ziplining - Feel the adrenaline, talk to air while Zip Lining, commonly called Flying Fox. Go cliff hoping (zipping) with the help of wires at Neemrana Fort and Mehrangarh Fort and enjoy the splendid view -

2. Hot Air Ballooning - Popular across the world, Hot air ballooning is a hit amongst locals, travellers, and tourists alike. Currently available in three cities - Pushkar, Jaipur and Ranthambore, the activity gives you a breathtaking view of the heritage land.

3. Desert Camping -Rajasthan is famous for desert camping. Cold breeze, golden sand, starlit sky and traditional folks and activities, make the experience an extraordinary affair. Well, take the words, one can’t afford to miss this while planning a trip to Rajasthan.

4. Camel Safari - And while you are desert camping, how can you miss Camel Safari. An unmatched experience, a tour to the rustic desert, exploration of ruins of the state and a camel to befriend. The best regions for Camel Safari are Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Osian.

5. Dune Bashing - Dune bashing is a popular activity in Thar desert and one of the best off -roading experience to have. Just get into your SUV(or rent one) and hit the barren land and rugged desert for an exhilarating thrill of destroying the sand dunes.

6. Abhaneri Step Well - Situated close to Jaipur, Abhaneri is known for the deepest and the largest step wells. Originally named after Abha Nagari, this massive step well was built to conserve rainwater 20m deep with 13 levels. Constructed in the 9th century, it is a piece of architectural marvel and a must visit.

7. Camel Breeding Farm - This is something you will not find commonly on the internet while planning your itinerary. But isn’t it an unusual yet interesting thing to learn about Camel Breeding and befriend them? Government Camel Breeding Farm is situated in Bikaner.

8. Camel Festival - Organised by the Department of Tourism, Camel Festival is an annual fair held in Bikaner to celebrate the ship of the desert, Camels. The event includes some wonderful camel dances,camel races and many more making it a glorious and colourful affair.

9.Motor Boat- Udaipur is called as ‘city of lakes’ and one of the lakes - Fatehsagar is a major attraction of the city. Out of many things to at Fatehsagar a fun-filled, Motor Boat ride in the lake is what makes this place exciting. Other than thrill, the exquisite view of the lake, is a delight. When you are here, visit this place early morning for a walk in fresh air and at night do have hot coffee which is every local’s favourite.

10. Palace on Wheels- Embark on the royal journey with the Palace on Wheels train. India’s original luxury train that takes you back to the era of royalty.

11. Traditional Dance - Kalbeliya - This is something you will absolutely love. To watch the folk dance of nomadic Kalbeliya Tribe is a treat to the eyes. And I bet the belly dance will woo you for sure.

12. Horse safari - There is no end to safaris in Rajasthan. The royal state has its own ways to cherish its beauty. A horse ride is a great way to explore the regal and rustic landscape. Take a ride in Pushkar to travel through rural lanes of the city or take a ride in Udaipur to explore the foothills of Aravalis.

13. Bhangarh Fort - Well, if you are looking for a high dose of thrill, head to Bhangarh Fort. The remains of the fort are considered to be one of the most haunted places of Rajasthan and is open to visit only in the daylight. Take a tour of Bhangarh and hear some spooky stories from the locals.

14. Ajmer Sharif Dargah- The holy shrine of Sufi Saint Moinuddin Chishti, Ajmer Sharif Dargah is one of the most visited places in Ajmer. Famous for granting every wish of the believers; irrespective of the religion pay a visit to the Dargah.

15.Traditional Villages - While the urban cities have several points for tourists and travellers, the rural parts of the state are equally fascinating and interesting to visit. Dressed in the traditional attire, struggling with the basic necessities, there is no limit to the hospitality of villagers. Take my word, a visit to the rural village is one in a lifetime experience.

16. Vintage cars - A dream come true for all car lovers. The epitome of luxury, the glory of royalty, Vintage Cars, are showcased in Museum in Jodhpur and the capital city Jaipur also hosts rallies for the same. The awe-inspiring experience to watch such magnificent machines showcasing luxury and class is certainly a must-have.

17. Feel the blue - From advertisements and movies to wedding shoots, blue coloured houses and narrow lanes of Jodhpur has been the perfect backdrop. When you are here, feel the happy blue. Pro tip: Hit the streets early morning and do capture the picturesque landscape with people dressed in traditional attire.

18. Elephant ride at Amer Fort - Situated close to Jaipur, Amer Fort is exquisitely designed masterpiece. A majestic Elephant ride upto the gateway of the fort is the royal experience of all time.

19. Royal Game of Polo - Polo is a team game played on horseback or if you are in Rajasthan, the royal game is also played on elephants. Watching the Indian Royal class playing a game of Polo is a wonderful sight. Jaipur hosts tournaments for the same all year long.

20. Visit National Park and Bird Sanctuary - Rajasthan is the home to several faunal species. Every year, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary also called as Keoladeo Ghana National Park is flooded with thousands of rare birds that travel, especially during winter season. Similarly, Ranthambore National Park, situated in Sawai Madhopur, is a major wildlife tourist attraction and pulls the attention of wildlife tourists and photographers

21. Street Shopping - Johri Bazaar, Ghantaghar - How can a trip to Rajasthan end without shopping! Traditional jewellery, pagdis, juttis, mojaris, miniature, clothes and lot more, the list of things to buy from Rajasthan is never ending and there are some amazing street markets that are perfect for everything in that list.

22. Stay royally - Rajasthan is a regal state, the royalty flows in the air. Make the best of staycation and experience the royalty. Many palaces turned hotels will host you the perfect king style.

23. Read Time at Jantar Mantar- If you are a science lover, Jantar Mantar is one of the best places to visit in Jaipur. The magnificent structure created in the historic time to read time, track constellations and other solar activities is a pure masterpiece of intelligence and creativity..

24. Trekking in Alwar and Mount Abu - Who said you can’t trek in Rajasthan? Adventure enthusiasts don’t forget to put your trekking shoes because you will need them while making your way through green hills in Alwar & Mount Abu. The ideal time for the same will be during winters.

25.Puppet Show - The one thing you can’t miss in Rajasthan is Puppet Show. Whichever nook and corner of the state you go , there will someone to entertain you with the sheer art of puppetry.

26. Temple of Rats - Karni Mata is an incarnation of Durga, and the deity’s temple is situated close to Bikaner. The temple is famous for white rats that are considered as descendants of warriors and treated sacred.

27. Hog on some traditional cuisine - I bet you can’t stop drooling over authentic Rajasthani cuisine. Hog on some delicious mouth-watering delicacies that you will relish all your life.

28. Pony Ride at Nakki Lake- There is no end to horses and camels in Rajasthan. Literally! Mt Abu is a hill station in the otherwise desert state and Nakki Lake is its best kept secret.. It’s a great experience to ride a pony and what better than riding it by the lake-side and capture some best of the views of Aravali Hills.

29. Sunset View of Jaisalmer Fort- The Golden city Jaisalmer is famous not only for desert camping & camel safari, but also it’s fort Sonar Qila is a tourist attraction for many. The sunset view from the walls of fort will amaze you.

30. Say Hello to Monkeys - Khania Balaji / Galtaji Temple or famously called Monkey Temple is situated close to Jaipur. The temple premise is the house of several monkeys that are friendly, but a bit notorious. Tip: Don’t carry any bags with you, needless to say why!

Bonus, there are majestic forts like Amer, Meharangarh, Sonar Qila, Nahargarh, Jaigarh, Hawa Mahal and many more whose heritage, brave tales and shine will charm you.

I am sure the list must have excited you to plan your trip to the regal state. The state has numerous things to do and visit and there are still things that got skipped entering the list.

Do share your pictures with us from your Rajasthan Trip!

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