Not sure which Raksha Bandhan makeup looks to try? Disha Batra and Haania Manzar have just what you need!

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Raksha Bandhan makeup looks

These Raksha Bandhan makeup looks by Disha Batra, and Haania Manzar will help you decide which look will work with your outfit!

It's the festival season which means it is time for us to dress up and look extra good. Makeup is something that always helps complete an outfit. But deciding on a look and even trying something for the first time can be stressful. Especially when we will be celebrating a festival with just our family and deck up for Instagram, we may be confused about how we want to do our makeup. To help solve this dilemma, we asked beauty and skincare influencers Disha Batra and Haania Manzar to share their top 3 Raksha Bandhan makeup looks that anyone can try this season.

Disha Batra suggestions make us want to try them all!

The evergreen smudged eyeliner look

This is one look you can pull off in literally 2 minutes. This minimal yet elegant look embraces your eye shape and looks effortlessly beautiful. All you need is coloured kohl of your choice (preferably a creamy one). I like brown and black the most as it just adds the perfect amount of smoke to your look without feeling over the top. Just draw a small eyeliner and use a small pencil brush to smudge it well. That’s all! Easy right? Complete the look with a thick coat of mascara, lip colour of your choice and voila!


The soft glam look

Keep it soft yet glamorous with this perfect glittery eye look. All you need for this is one soft pinkish/nude matte eyeshadow and a shimmery one in a similar colour family. I love a perfect rosey pink look in this case. Just a soft pink nude blended well in the crease line and on the lower lash line. Apply a rose gold shimmer eyeshadow just on the eyelids with a flat brush or your fingers will work just fine. Complete the look with a coat of mascara that gives the perfect volume and length to your lashes.

The base must be minimal with fewer products, go extra with your blush and highlight the highest points of your face with a champagne highlighter. On the lips, I would prefer keeping it nude, a mix of pinks and browns as Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated during the day, so the softer the look, the better the finish.

No makeup look aka glass skin look

This is literally the lazy girl look. If you want the focus to remain on your skin, this is for you. Prep your skin generously with a good suitable moisturiser. Pro tip- Apply 2 to 3 drops of your favourite strobe cream to your face or mix it directly in your foundation and then apply. The finish will be super glowy and juicy. Go extra with your lip and cheek tint for that perfect hint of colour. Keep the eyes nude and soft, go heavy with that mascara, and softly done brows. Don’t you dare skip your loose powder and setting spray as it’s monsoon my loves, we don’t want the makeup to melt!

Most importantly, you do you! If you want it to be extra, go extra!! If you like it minimal, go for that honey.


Here's what Haania Manzar suggests!

A pop of colour

A pop of colour can breathe new life into an outfit, but as a makeup artist, I frequently am asked WHEN to do so. "When you're in a pleasant and vibrant mood," is my reply. I almost never respond to an outfit; instead, I consider if the person is willing to stand out. A pop of colour serves as a method to add a truly eye-catching component to your outfit that will command attention. However, certain ensembles clearly benefit more from a pop of colour than others.

Anything that's worn should fit exceptionally well, but when the outfit "pops," this is extremely vital. Blazers, coats, skirts, and slacks, all need to be expertly made. If the shoes are what make the outfit pop, be sure you can walk comfortably in them and that they are fashionable. When it comes to handbags being the focal point, make sure they are proportionate to your frame.


Dramatic makeup look

It's time to attempt the under-smoke instead of the traditional smoky eye makeup. The under-smoke makeup adds drama by emphasising the bottom lash line rather than the eyelid. To get an opulent appearance, choose deep to dark eyeshadow hues like brown and black. Simply overlaying a variety of dark makeup colours under the eyes is all that is required.

Minimal eye with a dewy base look

This in-demand beauty style is all about having skin that is dewy, moisturised, and fresh-looking without being greasy. Even if your complexion is naturally on the dry side, you can still achieve this sought-after beauty appearance with a great skin care regimen and dewy makeup products.


Hope you found Raksha Bandhan makeup looks that go with your outfit!

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