The Ram Setu trailer shows Akshay Kumar on an archeological expedition to find the Ram Setu while also walking on water and fighting the bad guys!

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Ram Setu trailer

Ram Setu trailer starring Akshay Kumar, Nushrratt Bharuccha and Jacqueline Fernandez is set to become another Diwali entertainer at the cinemas on October 25!

As we all can guess from the title of the film, the story is based on the Ram Setu bridge from the epic Ramayana. It's a bridge made out of limestone shoals by Lord Rama and his Vanar sena. It's situated on Rameshwaram Island in Tamil Nadu to the northwestern coast of Sri Lanka, Mannar Island. The Ram Setu trailer starts with a courtroom hearing where we learn that the government has requested the Supreme Court to demolish the Ram Setu. But Nassar points out how a majority of our country runs on its spiritual beliefs and especially Lord Ram. How can one then take that belief away from the people and demolish it? This is where Akshay Kumar comes in to save the day. He's sent on a rather intense expedition to find the Ram Setu and protect it. He's also joined by Jacqueline Fernandez and Satya Dev on what feels like an Indiana Jones kind of mission that they're here to unlock at any cost.

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We also see Nushrratt Bharuccha who seems quite convinced that the famous bridge would be impossible to find. Midway through their journey Akshay and his team realize that they’re actually the targets who are sent on this mission to die. But that doesn’t stop him from being dedicated to what he set out to discover. We see him all geared up with what looks like underwater armor and diving into the deep ends of the water. The trailer ends dramatically with Akshay Kumar carrying one of the stones from Setu on his shoulders and walking on water while his voiceover says “There are millions of temples of Shri Ram in the world, but the Setu is only one” 

The film is directed by Abhishek Sharma and co-produced by his company Cape of Good Films along with Amazon Prime Video, Abundantia Entertainment, and Lyca Productions. The film has been in production for quite a while and was shot in locations like Ooty and Daman and Diu. This would be Akshay Kumar’s fifth release this year, and only time will tell if the film looks as intriguing as the trailer does!

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