Presenting to you random accounts on Instagram that we’re glad to have discovered recently.

One thing you should never ask on social media is ‘does this make any sense?’ The content and posts that one comes across on various social media platforms are not always informational. At times we come across posts or accounts that leave us wondering ‘how did I end up here?’ or thinking ‘I don’t know what this is but I like it.’ The whole beauty of social media is being able to share content that is funny, creative, weird in other words, just acceptable on social media. And believe us when we say that anything and everything is acceptable on social media. We never know which video goes viral or what starts trending online. We might find ourselves beating our coffee to make the most aesthetic Dalgona coffee or having a spoonful of cinnamon because of a random challenge that is trending online. The fact that this weird content ends up on our timeline is proof that it is only because we love it no matter how questionable it might be. There are a ton of accounts on Instagram that happen to be a perfect combination of what funny and weird look like. These accounts are proof that not everything needs to have a meaning to exist. We made a list of random accounts on Instagram and after scrolling through them, you will be glad they do too.

Check them out!

Tote bag fan account

Checking invoices

Chalk ASMR

The Bread Guy

Drunk people doing things

out of context Hannah Montana

Chandler holding ur fav Album

Secret Buttholes

If you come across such random or weird accounts, do let us know by sending is across on @socialketchup.

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