Reasons why Rangeela is so memorable even after 25 years

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Check out the reasons why we love Rangeela even after 25 years and why it will always be a cult classic.

Director Ram Gopal Verma is known for his unconventional movies with storylines that stand out on their own. 25 years ago when Rangeela released in theatres, little did we know how impactful it would be. The fact that it still remains to be one of the most loved movies certainly makes it a cult classic.

Rangeela not only gave us the best of music and characters but also gave us a reason to celebrate various aspects of life. From fashion- that had us all biting our nails over who would Mili end up with.

Reasons why 25 years later Rangeela still remains so memorable:

Ram Gopal Verma’s first Bollywood movie: RGV made his Bollywood debut with this movie and made a successful one. He paved the way for unconventional movies with an interesting storyline.

AR Rahman’s first Bollywood music: A R Rahman who walks with musical magic in his fingertips gave Bollywood and the audience music to play again and again on their boombox.

Munna's Mumbaiya character: Mumbai found itself shine on the big screen. With Aamir Khan’s character becoming popular, every Mumbaikar seemed to have found a voice.

The way ‘yaayi re’ awakened our dancer spirit: And then, we all danced like everyone’s watching and no Fs to give. With zero shyness and a whole lot of oomph and attitude.

Asha Bhosle and her youthful voice: With her songs in the movie, Asha ji rose like she never aged, gaining fans from a completely new generation.

Made Aamir Khan and his dialect ‘world-famous’: The actor who is known to be a perfectionist played the role of a street-smart guy aka Munna and delivered some iconic dialogues.

Taught us to dream our dreams no matter how big they seem: The movie encouraged and showed us that no dream is too big to not dream. It gave every middle-class individual the chance to see beyond their dream of earning a government job and look for many other ones.

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