One of the most popular YouTuber and Podcaster, with social media alias as Beerbiceps, Ranveer Allahbadia is a motivational speaker and a fitness enthusiast. He started his podcast journey in December 2019, ever since he has been trending the charts with his inspiring and insightful conversations with Bollywood stars, athletes, entrepreneurs, authors and all kinds of motivational human beings.

With the growing consumption of audio content, podcasts have made their way into our lives. More and more people are now tuning into podcasts and audiobooks while working on their daily chores or travelling. Though it might sound interesting, there is a lot that goes behind creating the audio piece that holds the attention of listeners and adds value. Ranveer runs us through the process of planning and recording ‘The Ranveer Show‘. In a candid chat with us, he talks about the journey of his podcast, how he plans them and his favourites.


What was your thought behind starting your podcast show?

The thought behind starting the podcast was to put out long-form highly informative content because that’s what I used in my college for my own personal growth and I always felt like there is isn’t enough of that kind of content available for India.

How have things changed for you after starting the podcast?

I feel I have become a much more curious person in general, I am a much better conversationalist and my network has grown a lot because podcast really allows you to get to know people.

What does The Ranveer Show mean to you?

Honestly, as much as it has given me a just another project, we are doing multiple projects and it is the most recognised projects we are doing e.g. we run a hindi channel, we write a lot, we run multiple social media channels, so I am glad this is the content piece that people gravitate towards the most.

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Happy Guru Purnima 🌕🙏🧘‍♂️ What I've learnt from 5 of my life's greatest gurus : 1. Sadhguru : Tap into ancient Yoga and ancient wisdom to bring phenomenonal balance & productivity in your life. 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger : Have a vision and chase it confidently. 3. Paramhansa Yogananda : Blind faith in God, goodness and correct actions. 4. Virat Kohli : Don't settle for the limits that people set for you. Your hard work decides your life, not their opinions. 5. LeBron James : Grow through the growth of others. Assists over points. Guru Purnima is one of the most important days in Indian tradition. Also very "under celebrated" according to me. Your guru doesn't have to be someone you've met. It can be someone whose knowledge has created a shift in your perception. These are my Gurus. Who I will thank till the day I die. I bow down to these souls 🙏

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Can you run us through the process you follow for each episode? How do you close on the topic and the guest?

I usually try to find out about the guest as much as possible before deciding on who the guest should be, it allows me to navigate my way through the conversation, that’s the first step. And as a Youtuber, I am naturally inclined towards packaging it well, so I think what I can write in the thumbnail and the title before the episode. But also once you do your research on anyone, almost every human being has their interesting life story, there always things to talk about.

Since you are a marketer too, what are your suggestions for people looking to leverage the growing trend of audio content?

Audio Content is great but I feel it is also very important to have social media presence in general. Be present on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram. You can grow the audience of your audio content through these platforms.

Can you share a few tips to keep in mind while planning and making a podcast?

Something to keep in mind is getting fresher guests every time, don’t repeat guests too much, focus a lot on your audio quality, if possible try recording in a nice quiet soundproof room, use good quality mikes that’s what I ll suggest. And if you can go for video, as in if you can record your podcast using a video as well, I think that will work even better.

What is the most difficult thing about recording the podcast? How things have changed during the Lockdown?

The most difficult thing about recording the podcast is actually scheduling an episode because the most interesting podcasts are usually are the most successful ones, and the most successful are also usually the busiest so it is very difficult to get people’s free time for your podcast that’s what very difficult.

Things have changed during the lockdown, in terms out we have to figure out to do a remote podcast. I have to sit in Bombay and record with someone sitting in New York, so that was a challenge, but once we cracked our internal system it became easier.   

Your favourite episode from the pre and the post COVID world?

My favourite episode from the pre-COVID era would be Gaur Gopal Das. That’s one episode which is very enriching for both the listener and myself. And post COVID I would probably say Amish Tripathi because I am a big history buff and he is someone who is very well-read and knows a lot about history. So it was very enchanting doing the podcast with him.

Quick 5 –

One guest you are waiting to have on your show?

– Virat Kohli

One podcast/show you would like to be featured on?

– Joe Rogan Experience

Your favourite podcast other than The Ranveer Show, that you would like to recommend?

– Joe Rogan Experience or The Tim Ferriss Show

The best memory from the show?

– Gaur Gopal Das, given my personal counselling session. Whatever got recorded was my own counselling session.

The worst goof-up that happened?

– We have recorded one episode with Gaurav Kapur who is a dear friend and a mentor to me, there was a glitch in the sound system so the sound didn’t get recorded after the entire episode.