Ranveer Singh: the phenomenal actor and fashionista who defies norms of what a man 'should' wear!

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Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is an ace when it comes to his acting skills and his fashion choices and we're here to reminisce the best from both his worlds!

There really is no one like Ranveer Singh in this industry. He might look like a goofy, enthusiastic, carefree guy, but when he's in front of the camera, it's showtime! Over the years, he has entertained us with a variety of movies, embodying characters that are poles apart from each other. He made his debut in Bollywood with YRF's Band Baaja Baaraat and has been melting our hearts ever since like a biskoot in chai! It's commendable to see how he totally transforms and becomes one with the character that he's playing. With his body language, looks, and dialect, he truly covers all the parameters that it takes to be a good actor and you'll never be able to tell that he was born and brought up in Mumbai all his life.

His collaboration with Sanjay Leela Bhansali gave us three iconic films like Ram-Leela, Bajirao Mastani, and Padmavat. That era really brought out the best in him as an actor and put him on the map. Some of his other works that are absolute fan favorites include Gully Boy, Simmba, and Lootera. He has always been brave enough to take up challenging roles and also portrayed them with 100% conviction.

His versatility speaks through his characters so let's have a look at some of his best roles that we'll always be in awe of!

Bittoo Sharma - Band Baaja Baaraat

Honestly, looking at this character, you'll never be able to tell that this was his first movie. Bittoo Sharma will forever be my spirit animal, and I don't think anyone other than Ranveer Singh could've played this quirky boy next door.

Ram - Ram-Leela

Have you seen the passion Ram had for Leela in his eyes? No wonder she fell in love with him on and off-screen!

Peshwa Bajirao - Bajirao Mastani

Playing a historical character can be quite tough and can result in a downfall if it's not done well. But he proved us wrong and how! Nobody could look more royal and heroic than him while playing Peshwa Bajirao, one of the greatest warriors we've ever seen!

Alauddin Khilji - Padmaavat

While most Bollywood actors always want to play the hero who saves the day, Ranveer Singh broke all expectations and totally stole the show as the villain. You'd never expect that charming guy who makes everyone smile to portray a scary antagonist like Alauddin Khilji. While preparing for this role, he isolated himself from everyone, and that speaks volumes of the dedication he has towards his craft.

Sangram Bhalerao - Simmba

Looking dashing as ever, he entered Rohit Shetty's cop universe with a bang and played this larger-than-life character. It truly felt like he was fulfilling all his wishes of being a quintessential action hero that he dreamt of since he was a kid.

Murad - Gully Boy

From a family that's struggling to make ends meet comes a boy with a golden heart and dreams as big as the city of Mumbai. Murad instilled faith and hope in so many when he said 'Apna Time Aayega'.

Varun Shrivastav - Lootera

A con-man, Varun, falls in love with Pakhi, but their love story is tainted with his lies, and eventually is left incomplete and heartbroken. It's a unique character he played very early on in his career, but he's remembered for it to date.

Jayesh Patel - Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Jayeshbhai and his quest to save his girl child from his narrow-minded family is a character that touched so many hearts and definitely was an important story to be told.

Kapil Dev - 83

The movie portrays Kapil Dev's life during the 1983 World Cup, and Ranveer Singh looks uncanny as ever as the former captain of the Indian team.

Apart from being an actor par excellence, he has broken stereotypes about what a Hindi film hero is expected to wear, be it on the red carpet or during promotions. People can pass comments all they want, but there are certain outfits that only Ranveer Singh can pull off confidently. He's a style icon who has constantly been making statements ever since the day he arrived. His extravagant fashion sense has always made heads turn whenever he left his house. From velvet pants, statement jewelry, colorful jackets, sequin outfits, and so much more, he has inspired us to proudly express ourselves through the clothes we wear!

Let's glance through some of his eye-catching looks that made us rethink fashion norms!

An actor, a flag bearer for defining men's fashion in India, a happy-go-lucky guy who feels like sunshine walked in every time he enters the room, we celebrate Ranveer Singh for all he is and more!

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