Rare bright yellow turtle goes viral among netizens on social media

Aishwarya Iyer
Nov 02, 2020 14:31 IST
yellow turtle

Odisha and West Bengal spotted a rare bright yellow turtle and has gone viral among netizens on social media platforms, thanks to its striking looks.

Amid all the discoveries and technology, nature is still full of surprises! The recent beautiful surprise nature has handed us is the rare bright yellow turtle that was been spotted twice. This turtle, speculated to be part of the Indian Flapshell species, was first found back in July at Balasore district, Odisha. The second spotting and the most recent one is a pond at Burdwan village, West Bengal.

Like several turtles that have textures and patterns on their body given the several mixes of colors, this one stands to be different. The whole body and the shell of the turtle is striking rare bright yellow in color instead of just specific parts that are commonly seen.

As per the Weather Channel India, this turtle species can be commonly found in South Asian countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service officer, who posted the footage of the first yellow spotted turtle at Odisa, through his post on Twitter said, his breed was an ‘albino’. Ramesh Pandey, another officer through Twitter said it’s not very clear whether a new species or albinism or mutant albino.

As per experts, the reason for this rare color in this turtle is attributed to the deficiency of pigment called tyrosine, which is present in high amounts in reptiles including crocodiles.

IFS officer Debashish Sharma posted on Twitter after the rescue and immediately after, the turtle became an internet sensation and the nation’s favorite discovery.

Check out the posts here:

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