Rashmi Rocket looks like a promising take on the struggles of women in sports

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Rashmi Rocket

Taapsee Pannu's Rashmi Rocket is inspired by the lives and struggles of women in sports according to its recently released trailer.

The trailer of Rashmi Rocket starring Taapsee Pannu came out recently and it looks like Rashmi is out there to talk about the struggles of women athletes. Rashmi essayed by Taapsee hails from a village and is a passionate sprinter who has won many awards for the country and wants to be an international level athlete. She is bold, hardworking, and dedicated and is supported by her mother (Supriya Pathak). She marries an army officer played by Priyanshu Painyuli who is also her constant support.

But things start to spiral as one medical test proves that her body is more like a man than that of a woman. She's harassed for this by the police, law, and her own teammates. The gender verification test and the results of it have left her completely shattered. She's accused of being a fraud and is banned from the National team. After enough encouragement from her family, she files a case of human rights violation and with the help of a lawyer (Abhishek Banerjee) she fights for justice for herself and for all womanhood.

The film says that it's inspired by the lives of various sportswomen but feels closer to the life and struggle of the athlete Dutte Chand. Remember, in 2014, when Dutte Chand, who was just 19 was banned and dropped from India’s Commonwealth and Asian Games teams on grounds of Hyperandrogenism? It's a condition where the female body produces more testosterone, almost at the same level as men. She was a double silver medallist at the Asian Games and India’s National record-holder in 100 m and yet she was not allowed to play. She fought back against the harassment, accusations, and bans and came out of the closet as well. But the film is not biographical rather just inspired by the lives of female athletes.

Riding literally on the 'mard ki body' of Taapsee, the film is releasing on Zee5 on October 15. Are you excited to watch this film? Do tell us in the comments below.

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