Ravi Bala Sharma is proving talent has no age with her Instagram dance videos

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Ravi Bala Sharma

Check out this Instagram dadi, Ravi Bala Sharma who is putting her best foot forward and entertaining us with her dance videos.

If you still don't believe that age is just a number, then you haven't seen Ravi Bala Sharma rock the 'gram with her dancing skills. At a time when every 20 something is living in the body of a 100-year-old complaining about back pain and laziness, Ravi Bala Ji is setting an inspiring example. She's a trained kathak dancer who joined the famous social media platform recently and is winning hearts all over.

She's 62 years old and with a dedicated Instagram account for her dance videos, she is reminding everyone that ageism stands no chance in front of true talent. In this time, when people are constantly under stress her videos come as a boon and positive source of entertainment. Take a look at her videos and feel inspired to find the time and do something that makes you happy.

Take a look at some of her videos:

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