Bhaiyya ek lavender colour ka note milega?

Mansi Mirani
New Update

RBI has announced a new version of ₹100 currency notes. But that’s not the big news folks! The new notes are –hold your breath – lavender in color! Welcome to the ‘ too-colorful-to-be-currencies family’! The notes will have the motif of ‘Rani ki Vav’ (a stepwell situated in the town of Patan in Gujarat) on the reverse.

If you haven't got over the orange coloured Rs.200 notes, there's another shocker. Demonetization created ripples all over the country. With the continuous incoming of new currencies and people always being confused about whether the old ones are still valid or not, it’s all been haywire. And now the new notes are lavender? For real?

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Like me, Twitter didn’t know what to make of the lavender notes. So, they dealt with it the way they always do –by trolling! From comparing it to Monopoly to LGBTQ, Twitterati didn’t leave any stone unturned.

Here’s the hilarious way in which Twitter is dealing with this:

1. Maybe you should get new friends?

2. At least they’re making the crisis brighter!

3. Vo bright blue vala nhi h kya?

4. Now, that’s a theory no one thought of.

5. Holi haiii!

6. It’s better than going through a dark patch in life, right?

7. Really? I didn’t really take him as a bollywood person.

8. We’ll make our own rainbow!

9. Thank god she didn't ask for a lavender smelling air freshener.

10. Maybe our lives are a little gray too.

11. Masaba, is that you?

12. All the support we can get is appreciated.

13. South Delhi girls to the note, “YOU HAD ONE JOB!”

14. It’s like the time when black and white TVs were replaced by colors and everyone got obsessed with COLORS!

15. Mine used to be much less exciting tbh.

We bet you won't mind quickly reacting with an emoji about the lavendar coloured Rs.100 notes.

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