Check out all the reasons and scenes why one who loves dark comedy and mockumentaries should watch Borat 2.

Putting up a movie that actually talks about the real issues of the world on screen without any filters is a brave move. And the sequel of the famous Sacha Baron Cohen starrer movie Borat that released on the digital platform Amazon Prime Video has done it again, and way better. The mockumentary about a homophobic, sexist and racist journalist from Kazakhstan talks about his journey while he visits America amongst the Global pandemic and the US Elections. Borat 2 is a comic-revolt against the current situation of the US and stands perfectly during these times.

Despite Borat’s characteristics it is hard to not love him. There is a lot that happens in the movie that is mocked and made fun of while making the audiences aware of it. The movie reveals the shocking beliefs of the people of the US while Borat and his teen daughter walk around pranking them. Baron, like always has managed to target real-life people with his antics and extreme acts.

Here’s why one who loves dark comedy and mockumentary will enjoy watching Borat 2:

All his weird pranks

Him taking his teen daughter as a gift for Vice President Mike Pence

Borat buying a cage for his daughter

When Tutar gets dating advice from an Instagram influencer

Discovering Facebook

Them buying an anti-semitic cake for Mike Pence

Them visiting a pro-life clinic

Borat dressing up as Trump at Mike Pence’s conference

The controversial interview with Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani

Have you watched Borat take over America yet?

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