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Dive into touching stories about mothers with bookstagrammar Anushka Verma's book recommendations. These are sure to tug at your heartstrings this Mother's Day! 

The relationship between mothers and their children is always an interesting trope to read. Authors usually explore this bond in many different ways, showing the love, struggles, and strength involved. Whether it's heartwarming moments or tough challenges, these stories are full of emotions that we can all understand and even relate to. They hold the capability to make us feel seen. Whether it's a story about a mom's support, learning from being a parent, or the sadness of growing up, these tales show us how families, especially mothers, shape who we are. Hence, when we reached out to bookstagrammar Anushka Verma who happily agreed to share her recommendations with us about the subject. A 24-year-old bookstagrammer and a full-time copywriter at an ad agency, Anushka merges her love for food and books and crafts stories around them on her Instagram page. “As a reader, I've always been drawn to the tender intricacies of motherhood portrayed in literature. There's something captivating about exploring the relationships that mothers share with their children. Here are some narratives that have stuck with me long after I've turned the final page, and I hope they resonate with you too."

For this Mother's Day, we bring you a selection of lovely book suggestions by Anushka Verma that you might enjoy.

Here you go!

On Earth, We're Briefly Gorgeous - Ocean Vuong

In this book, Vuong shares his family's story through heartfelt letters, depicting their Vietnamese roots and the struggles they faced during the war. What truly captivates readers is Vuong's beautiful writing, which keeps one engrossed even during the most intricate parts of the story.

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Crying in H Mart - Michelle Zauner 

Zauner's memoir feels like a heartfelt tribute to her mom, delving into their relationship as Korean-Americans and her journey through grief after her mom's passing. It's my top pick because it's deeply moving and stays with you even after you've completed it.

I'm Glad My Mom Died - Jennette McCurdy 

I know the title might seem intense, but let me explain. McCurdy's memoir delicately delves into the mother-daughter relationship, revealing how it influences our lives unexpectedly. Just a heads up, though, it does cover some sensitive topics.

What We Carry - Maya Shanbhag Lang

Shanbhag explores her relationship with her mom, uncovering layers of love, trauma, and understanding passed down through generations. It reflects the challenges women face as daughters and mothers and the liberation in releasing those burdens.

Summer Island - Kristin Hannah 

Hannah's novel, set during a family reunion, delves into the intricate connections between mothers and daughters, illustrating how these relationships evolve and influence our lives. It's a captivating read that'll make you think about your own family dynamics. 

Which book do you plan to pick up first?

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