#LetsKetchup: Reel trends of 2021 that made our long 5-minute lunch breaks so fun

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Reel trends of 2021

Before we skip to the good part and welcome the New Year, let's revisit some of the most popular Reel trends of 2021 that made life fun this year.

Would we be wrong to say that if we sang 'I'll be fucked up if you can't be right here..' your first instinct will be to do the whole dance? Or for you to finish the song, Woman by Doja Cat with Masakali? We know you'll agree with us that the only reason you know these songs and know certain parts of them so well is because of Reels. Reels were introduced in India last year and soon became everyone's favorite way to pass time on social media. With the New Year only days away, we're revisiting some of the most popular Reel trends of 2021.

Reels have taken up half of our lives and we aren't angry about it in the least. They don't just make for good entertaining content by giving us a reason to be on social media but also help us deal with all the deadlines and unwanted Zoom meetings. These trends have become our lifeline. Even before we can get bored of one trend we already see a new one becoming popular leaving us wanting to try one for ourselves. From trends with crazy dance steps or the ones pleasing us with aesthetic videos, our explore feature has never been this interesting!

We made a roundup of some of the Reel trends of 2021 that made our year special!

Own brand freestyle

Pictures from different years

Slay collage

Peppa Pig

O meri Laila

Jane woh kaise log hai

TWINNEW, best friend trend

Manéskin Beggin’

Monta re


Don't lie

Stay all over me

SZA I Hate You

Life goes on

Megan’s Piano

Meet Me At Our Spot

Nuestea Canción

This is not America

Smooth Talkin'


Struggling mentally


From the back miss the rage

Can I Have That Day With You

Months of the year


Go Bananza

Shava Shava

High School





Banna re/ Iphone lockscreen

Hawa Mein Udti Jaye

Я буду ебать (feat. IHI)







HideAndSeek Challenge

‘Peaches’ by Justin Bieber


Wildest Dreams

Finally My Boyfriend

Audio – Senza filtro (#FilterTrend)

Audio – Kindess (Tiguini)

Doja cat #Woman

Inspirational quotes

Which of these did you enjoy the most this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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