Our feed was filled with Valentine’s Day content this week and some Reel trends which were super fun to watch. Here are some for you to try!

Social Media trends always catch up with what’s up in the air and for this week Valentine’s Day was at the centre of our discussions. We saw our feeds being flooded with memes and Reel trends over it this week. We saw some cute couple videos on “Little Bit More” trend and one on empowering women with “She doesn’t give a” trend by Niveta Dhingra. We also had trends that got us all moving like dancing on “Nonsense” (No pun intended) and flaunting “Are you gonna be my girl”.

How Sakshi Sindwani converted common streets into ramps has got us all hooked to the “Hooked” song trend. Creators have made these trends even more interesting for us this week and you too can hop in. Here are some fun trends to try.

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Check them out!

Back to the beat

Little Bit More

Darkside X Aja Sanam

She doesn’t give a

Nonsense (Dance Trend)

Hooked (Hot Stuff)

Are you gonna be my girl (live)


Have you tried any of these trends? Let us know in the comments below!