From embracing womanhood to revisiting moves of 'Dum Dum', here are some Reel trends that caught our interest.

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From embracing womanhood to revisiting moves of 'Dum Dum', here are some Reel trends that caught our interest.

This week, our feeds were graced with content that was quite energetic. Here are some Reel trends that you too need to check out!

When it comes to social media trends, there is something new and exciting every day. This week's Reel trends have us all wanting to try creating them. We saw a lot of dance trends on our feeds like Jimikki Ponnu trend that made us learn some new moves. Not to forget the Dum Dum dance trend that made us live our Bollywood dream. Women's Day which was on March 8 saw some empowering Women's Day trends on our feeds. "How I like being a woman" is the one that caught our attention for how it made us feel about being a woman and helped us embrace womanhood.

We also got to see some really funny dance trends with the "Mio Mai La La La La La" trend adding that extra fun to our feeds. Speaking of fun, we also saw the "Dumb ways to die" meme trend where people took everyday risky situations and made content around them and the hook step from Naatu Naatu seemed to be doing the rounds on Reels too after the song won an Oscar a couple of days ago. Good trends should not be limited to your feeds only, so here are some social media trends that you too can try.

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Here are some cool trends we saw on our feeds this week!

Dum Dum

How I love being a woman

Tere Bin

Jimikki Ponnu

Dumb ways to die (Meme Trend)

Pyar Karke

Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock)

Mio Mao La La La La La (fun trend)

Which one is your favourite among these trends?

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