Scrolling was fun this week with all these interesting Reel trends. Here are some for you to try!

Reel trends make our scrolling more fun and there is always something going on when it comes to social media. The recently released song by Tanishq Bagchi, “Kudiyee ni Teri” has got people on social media moving to its beats. Talking about songs that made us move, who can forget the buzz around “Rude Boy Boy Boy” after the Super Bowl performance of Rihanna? Well, it has also found its place in some buzzing trends on social media right now.

We also got to see some really funny ones like the “Trailer of life trend” where people created small funny trailers of their life. The song “Lonely” by Akon too is being widely used in videos specially the “Reason why you are XYZ” memes and it for sure these memes are fun to watch. One trend that we all loved this week was the “Die for you to Heartless trend”. Some creators tweaked the trend and made their own version of it and that too was interesting to watch. Take a look at these interesting trends and find something that you too can try.

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Take a look:

From “Die for you” to “Heartless” trend

Kudiyee ni Teri

Life Trailer (Trend)

Rude Boy Boy Boy(Audio Trend)

Reasons why you are … (Meme Trend)

All the things she said(sped up)

No other heart

To Stay

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