Holi playlist to trends that need those moves, here's the list of reel trends to try

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Holi playlist to trends that need those moves, here's the list of reel trends to try

Excitement is inevitable during Holi, but the fun never stops on social media and these reel trends are proof.

Holi might have been played on two different dates at different places, but the upside of it was that we got Holi Reels and Pictures on our feed for two days. Having Balam Pichkari play in your Holi playlist is unavoidable and it is obvious how it found its place in last week's trending songs on social media. The amount of Holi Reel trends we saw on this song isAnother song that is making us move is Badshah's recently released "Sanak" and creators, especially dance enthusiasts, are completely feeling the song and showing off their dance moves on it.

As always Instagram gave us all a fair share of fun trends this week as well. The Mickey X Wap has us all rhyming "Ohh Mickey you are so fun" all week. We also had the chance to meme our friends with the "My friends and what they lack" meme trend. Apart from that, trends like Boy's a liar, Bling Bling, Reminder, and much more added the much-needed sass to our feeds. These trends are fun enough to even make you get out of your lazy zone. Take a look at what trended this week and try the one you find interesting.

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Here is what trended this week:

Balam Pichkari

Bling Bling


Boy's a Liar pt. 2

My friends and what they lack (meme trend)

Yes to Heaven - Speed up


Hey Mickey X Wap

Have you tried any of these trends yet? Share your favourites with us in the comments below.

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