You would think the epitome of elegance, the timeless, ageless, graceful, beaauuttiifuulllll Rekha would share nothing in common with the ordinary waste of space like you and I, but think again!

Underneath all that glam and butt kicking femme fatale attitude, Rekha is just like the typical dramatic sass that we all are. Today, she turns 63, and looks nothing like it. I mean it’s baffling that the woman has looked the same before I was born, and still looks the same! Whether it was the bubbly Rekha from Khoobsurat, to the ever so exquisite Umrao Jaan, to the perfect rendition of an older woman in Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi, Rekha leaves me speechless.

As we wish the diva a Happy Birthday, here’s revisiting some of Rekha’s shenanigans that are perfectly apt for the everyday situations we all go through!

1. When your mom cracks a lame joke, but you need money!


2. After you destroy someone’s will to live. Rekha

3. Thinking about ALL the food you’re going to eat later.Rekha

4. When someone asks you beta shaadi kab kar rahe hoo

5. When you have to fake smile at that bitchy colleagueRekha

6. You after 4 drinks on the dance floor! Rekha

7. Discovering the ‘photoshoot’ you did in college. Rekha8. When your crush passes by


9. Getting decked up for the family function you JUST HATE!Rekha

10. When he’s a 10 but his bad breath turns out to be 11.Rekha

Well, this is just the tip of the ice berg. Rekha and her expressions are never ending. Happy Birthday Diva! You inspire us.