11 relatable bra illustrations to enjoy as you work from bed

Jagruti Verma
Apr 14, 2020 07:22 IST
bra illustrations

If you are crawling through the national lockdown in your bed, sans bra, these bra illustrations are bound to make you feel nostalgic and say, "That's me!"

Bra humour is often an integral part of the XX chromosome holders. With an irregular rush of hormones flowing through the system, all sorts of memories are created with this beautifully designed piece of complex fabric. Everyone has a favourite one, may it be for comfort or how it makes them feel. However, as we inch through work from home days, bras have become a not-so-used element of female wardrobes. We bring you some relatable bra illustrations for the days that used to be, have gone by and the ones that are yet to come.

Universally applicable(?)

Not so good memories

Gone are the days

Dying, humorously

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Wardrobe check

We are on a break!

Let them breathe

Zoom in, love

Two's a company

Until next time

Which of these bra illustrations did you relate to the most?

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